What is ReviewFinch? Let us explain!

By ReviewFinch staff / December 01, 2017 1:28 AM

How to find what you want without spelling it out.

Greetings, savvy shoppers!

We know you’ve been spending too much time on deciding what to buy on the internet (because we have too). We know it takes way too long to read through all the reviews and receiving a bad product means having to deal with returning it or just settling for less. We are here to put a stop to that inefficiency and make our internet shopping experience better by embracing the state of the art technologies that are also used by other big companies out there like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

We noticed patterns that smart shoppers often do while shopping—what information and words they key in on, what they look for in reviews, etc. ReviewFinch discovers and automates the process of making the best decision—to save your time and money, but also to avoid the anger and frustration a bad purchase decision can bring. We do this by incorporating machine learning technologies like big data, artificial neural network, and natural language processing. This helps us search products quickly, summarize reviews, and track price and sales rank history among other features. We hope to bring you the smartest, most informed shopping experience!

For starters, we'd like to introduce one of our main features: Discover.

How to find what you want without spelling it out with Discover

Our discovery engine is a really cool way to find related products in an intuitive manner. Let's start off with a basic search for a blouse. On the top of any page on ReviewFinch, there is a search bar where you can type in anything you want to look for. We'll look for a nice blouse by typing in 'blouse' at the top :

This will take you to our discover page, which displays a huge selection of blouses! Clicking on any of the images will show a full view of the product . You'll find useful information such as price and sales rank history, relevant photos and videos, what fans and haters have to say, how satisfied customers are with the product, and more.

Say that you really like the floral style of the top and want to see more blouses like it. By simply clicking on the Search more like this button on the right , you can immediately find new blouses to look at without having to specify exactly what type of feature you liked about it.

Now we'll see a whole new search that's more similar to the blouse we just saw. Awesomeee. There are way more blouses that have the floral pattern we like and in a similar 3/4 sleeve cut. But wait, it's winter and it's too cold to buy anything sleeveless! Click the product image of the blouse you don't really want to buy now :

Here we can click Search less like this button on the right to pull up a new search without products like this one :

You'll see that the search has become more similar to what we were interested in (florals) and less like what we weren't interested in (sleeveless). We also don't see any other add-on type products, such as blouse hangers which is a constant pain point of traditional search engines!

The awesome part is that you can use this same discovery engine to find laptops, hard drives, binoculars, baby strollers and much more! We hope it will be very useful in your shopping experience (it's been immensely useful to us!). Let us know if you have any other cool ideas, questions, or feedback to make Discover more useful by leaving a comment down below. We'd be more than happy to hear from you! :)