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Verbatim Wireless Mini Nano Travel Mouse, Blue 97471


2.4ghz Wireless Technology

  Verbatim Wireless Mini Nano Travel Mouse, Blue 97471
  Verbatim Wireless Mini Nano Travel Mouse, Blue 97471
Ultra compact
Connect-&-forget Nano Receiver Plugs Into Notebook's Sub Port
Ensures No Delays In Cursor Movement
Compatible With Any Computer With A Sub Port
  Verbatim Wireless Mini Nano Travel Mouse, Blue 97471
The current price is $13.55.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.38.
The current sales rank is 0.
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What are fans saying?
It works and does what it's supposed to do.
Not sure how any adult could have any trouble with the set up.
It took me longer to read his review than to set it up.
It is great for work or travel.
I bought this mouse for my kid’s PC.The standard mouse is too large for their small hands.This little mouse works great for them and fits them perfectly.It is also comfortable enough for me to use.Uses a single AAA battery and is a great mouse.
What are haters saying?
Great design but poor durability.
The scroll wheel broke after pressing without excessive pressure or dropping the mouse or other abuse and despite very infrequent (~ 2x/wk for 4mo.)
The size and form of this mouse is perfect for those wanting a low form factor mouse that is still reasonably comfortable to use for its size.
I don't think its unreasonable for a 'travel' mouse to be able to withstand the slightest bit of traveling, even at this price point.
I liked the small size and how it handled...BUT...the first one I ordered died within two months...thinking it was a fluke...I ordered another and it lasted less than a month!!!
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