V7 MV3000010-5NC 3BTN USB Wired Optical Mouse


Full size comfortable universal design for right- or left-handed users, provides seamless point and click interaction with reduced wrist fatigue

  V7 MV3000010-5NC 3BTN USB Wired Optical Mouse
  V7 MV3000010-5NC 3BTN USB Wired Optical Mouse
1000 dpi optical LED sensors provide precise, swift and reliable cursor movement with easy text selection
  V7 MV3000010-5NC 3BTN USB Wired Optical Mouse
3 buttons including a built-in scroll wheel for easy navigation so you can speed through long documents or web pages
Easy installation with Plug and Play USB 2.0 wired connection - cable length 5" / 152 cm
Enhanced tactile button and tracking feedback for high-volume workload
  V7 MV3000010-5NC 3BTN USB Wired Optical Mouse
The MV3000 full sized Plug & Play USB optical mouse has a comfortable universal design with seamless point and click interaction. This high quality space saving 3 button mouse includes a built-in scroll wheel with enhanced tactile button and tracking feedback. The 1000 dpi optical sensor provides precise and swift cursor movement for easy smooth navigation. The professional brush finish will bring style and improved performance for your high volume workload at the home, office or while traveling for business.
The current price is $4.40.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.26.
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  V7 MV3000010-5NC 3BTN USB Wired Optical Mouse
  V7 MV3000010-5NC 3BTN USB Wired Optical Mouse
  Fans vs. Haters
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What are fans saying?
I bought a couple of these to use with some community laptops in case people do not want to use the traditional touchpad.
The main unit is a little light weight but they have worked well so far and I think they will continue to work for what we need them for.
It works, but the red laser beam comes through the opening around the wheel, which bothers me a bit.
My other mouses don't have this problem.
Works great and my mouse tracks amazing on it.
What are haters saying?
Very inexpensive, and it shows.
The cable is quite thin, with very thin insulation, and normal use of the mouse wore through the insulation where it meets the plastic shell until finally the mouse stopped working.
Right shape, wimpy microswitches.
If you need a mouse in a hurry off a store shelf, this'll hold ya until you find a betetr mouse.
It is not even a year old and the top is pealing off, will not buy again.
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