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Ubiquiti UniFi Switch - 24 Ports Managed (US-24-250W)


Enclosure Type: Rack-mountable 1U

  Ubiquiti UniFi Switch - 24 Ports Managed (US-24-250W)
  Ubiquiti UniFi Switch - 24 Ports Managed (US-24-250W)
Subtype: Gigabit Ethernet
Ports: 24 x 10/100/1000 (PoE+) + 2 x Gigabit SFP
(2) 1G SFP Ports
250W Power Supply
  Ubiquiti UniFi Switch - 24 Ports Managed (US-24-250W)
Powerful Enterprise Switch Models:

The UniFi Switch delivers the forwarding capacity to simultaneously process traffic on all ports at line rate without any packet loss. Total non-blocking throughput: up to 26 Gbps for 24-port models and up to 70 Gbps for 48-port models.

Advanced Port Management:

Each switch port offers custom settings: port name, PoE, network/VLAN configuration, and operation mode (switching, mirroring, or aggregate) - as well as 802.1X Authentication and Radius VLAN support.

Optical Fiber Connectivity:

Two SFP ports support uplinks of up to 1 Gbps. For high-capacity uplinks, each 48-port model includes two SFP+ ports for uplinks of up to 10 Gbps.

Convenient PoE+ Support:

The UniFi Switch features auto-sensing IEEE 802.3af/at PoE to power multiple devices on the network.

Breakthrough Value:

The UniFi Switch provides top price/performance value: a full-featured, enterprise-class switch starting at $399 USD MSRP.

Seamless Integration:

The UniFi Switch integrates seamlessly into the UniFi Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform to create a highly scalable, end-to-end system of network devices across multiple locations — all controlled from a single interface.
The current price is $464.19.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Moderate with a score of +0.12.
The current sales rank is .
  Ubiquiti UniFi Switch - 24 Ports Managed (US-24-250W)
  Ubiquiti UniFi Switch - 24 Ports Managed (US-24-250W)
  Fans vs. Haters
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What are fans saying?
I ended up not using it for PoE but it's a great little managed switch.
When I first started using the Unifi system it was a little bit of a learning curve, but now that I'm with the system I love it.What keeps me with the Unifi system besides the management is the commercial quality.
In 2 years installing and managing Unifi components I've yet to have a failure.Because the Unifi system has been so good and this switch model has served well for multiple clients I'm giving this switch 5 stars.
This switch is in use in our network rack and is a great addition to our network stack.
I have specific ports configured for whatever PoE I need to, the others I turned the PoE off in the Unifi controller.
What are haters saying?
For $80 more, the 16 (port and up) have fans.
I switched to use other Poe brand and it worked find with this routers.
Attempted to get this unit working with a firewall that has dot1q sub-interfaces, but to no avail, this was only one of many odd issues encountered with the unit.Its a lackluster switch likely geared towards those less intuitive with networking itself; thus, I'll be putting this on Ebay for whatever I can get for it and just buy a used Cisco switch.
Wouldn't even power up.
They denied my case and no replacement was offered.
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