Thomas Bates Hiker Belt Nylon Outdoor Web Adjustable Buckle Made in USA


QUALITY - Made in USA Guarantees the Highest Quality. Durable Nylon Belt.

  Thomas Bates Hiker Belt Nylon Outdoor Web Adjustable Buckle Made in USA
TRAVEL - Breeze Through Security With Non-Metal Construction, Nickel Free, Non-Allergenic
EASY - Cut to Size Fits to Size 42 Width 33mm/1-1/4"
MATERIAL - Canvas Web Strap and Polycarbonate Cam Buckle Water Resistant Canvas, UV Safe.
STRONG - Non-metallic Outdoor Ideal for Fishing, Hiking, Camping & Water Sports
Nylon web belt with polycarbonate buckle. Strong belt design, ideal for rugged outdoor activities; fishing, hiking, camping and water sports.Travel-friendly non-metal/nickel free construction, water resistant. Adult size fit up to size 42", Width 33mm/1-1/4". Custom fit to size, by cutting and singeing ends. Always order belt one size larger than waist size. Made in USA
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What are fans saying?
Plastic buckle and all, these belts look and fit great!
I wear this belt all the time.
It's pretty plain and not the most stylish thing in the world - no one sees it.-It's durable as hell.-It's infinitely adjustable (No holes)-PERFECT for travel, you don't have to take off when going through security.
I love this belt I wear it everyday.
It's a belt.
What are haters saying?
The new one is not even half the thickness of the original, it's much darker than the original khaki, and it has lost the battles, and the war, against my waist.
I will probably use it around a suitcase, or to strap a jacket to my pack, but not to hold up my pants.
It is just a plastic clasp, and the nylon used to make the belt is just a lower quality feel in my opinion.
This is not that.
There was no way to connect one end with the other!
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