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Sunix 10A 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller Charge Regulator Intelligent , USB Port Display Overload Protection Temperature Compensation


Battery Voltage: 12V/24V, auto & Charge Current: 10A & Discharge Current: 10A

  Sunix 10A 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller Charge Regulator Intelligent , USB Port Display Overload Protection Temperature Compensation
Adopts double MOS series circuit control makes the voltage loss dropped by 50%. With the PWM fuzzy control in charging, the charge efficiency is improved a lot.
With Over-load protection & Lightning protection & Under-voltage protection & Over-charging protection & Reverse Polarity protection & Short circuit protection.
Wide LCD screen display . users can select the proper working mode based on the different conditions.
Easy to set up and operate. Available for DC lamp and phone charging. Suitable for home, industrial, commercial etc.
Specifications :
Color : Black
Material : Plastic
Rated Voltage : 12V / 24V (Auto Switch)
Max. Charge/Discharge Current : 10A
Max. Solar Panel Input Voltage : ≤50V
Stop Charge Voltage : 14.7V/29.4V
Low Voltage Recovery : 12.2V/24.4V
Low Voltage Protection : 10.5V/21.0V
USB Output Voltage/Current : 5V 2A
No Load Loss : =10mA
Temperature Compensation : -3mV/Cell/℃
Operation Temperature : -20℃ ~60℃
Item Size : 13.3* 7 * 2.5cm
Item Weight : 120g~152g

Protection :
1. Over-load protection
2. Short circuit protection
3. Lightning protection
4. Under-voltage protection
5. Over-charging protection
6. Reverse Polarity protection

Package Includes :
1 X Solar Charge Controller
1 X Instruction Manual

The current price is $14.99.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.28.
The current sales rank is 8880.
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What are fans saying?
The model sent to me from this listing was the CMDT-A2410 (notice the A).I bought this so I could charge an AGM battery, but am going to return it since it won't adjust for that type of battery, and while it may charge the battery, it won't do it in the optimum way and I'm not going to risk an expensive battery..If I was just using a regular lead acid battery, it has some good features, and would probably be fine.
While I think it's a good deal for the money, I'm only giving it four stars due to two things I don't like about it.
If you're using it in a non-critical setup where you want to maximize the life of the battery, it would be nice to set it to at least 12.0.
I've used this controller for a few months and so far it work pretty well.I wish it was mppt but for the price its a decent pwm controller.
A 10Watt 12V solar panel on a cloudy / rainy day, connected to this controller with no load, has a difficult time keeping up with the battery draw of 15ma of this charge controller itself.
What are haters saying?
Otherwise, it does seem to be a great controller with lots of functions for a low price.
Then I charged an iPad on the USB port for several hours which brought the battery down about 1 volt; hasn't recharged the battery at all.
The solar panel on the display is flashing like it's doing something but the battery isn't getting the energy.
I do not like giving bad reviews however I expected a little better performance and at least 1 year use out of this unit and it has failed in a little over a week (or maybe never worked correctly at all).
Not sure if it is working right or if it is the solar pannel that i have it hooked to or if the problem is in both produck .
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