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School Smart Loop Scissors, 8 Inches, Yellow


Righty and lefty friendly

  School Smart Loop Scissors, 8 Inches, Yellow
Easy to use scissors are designed to help children and adults with coordination problems
Blades re-open automatically
Simply squeeze the handles for clean, crisp cuts
Classroom tested and ready for home or school
Easy to use polypropylene handles can be squeezed together by hands, arms or any other mobile limb. Blades spring back automatically. Yellow Handles.
The current price is $3.76.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.49.
The current sales rank is 9281.
  Fans vs. Haters
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What are fans saying?
Scissors cut well and are a great help for my autistic son.
These are really nice scissors and I find the large size makes them great for older kids or for hand-over-hand prompting.
I use these scissors in my classroom.
Great for little hands that would have trouble opening up the scissors.
I originally bought them for my son, but they were too big for his kindergartner sized hands, so I kept them for myself.
What are haters saying?
Kid scissors should not be this sharp.
I am a private tutor for special ed kids and thought these would be usable for first and second graders since it's supposed to be for school children, but the ones I received are so stiff and have such a wide loop that the kids have a hard time using them.
Not sure if I received a lemon since so many good reviews were written about them, but I'm very disappointed in them.
Handle is a little too big for students.
There’s not chance my 3 year old could use these I dependently.
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