Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge - Prepaid - Carrier Locked (Virgin Mobile)


Virgin Mobile Service

  Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge - Prepaid - Carrier Locked (Virgin Mobile)
5" HD Display
16GB ROM/1.5GB RAM w/ Expandable Memory
Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS
5MP Rear Facing Camera and 2MP Front Facing Camera
With Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and a Powerful Quad Core Processor, the Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge will help you power through your day. Enjoy videos and photos with a crisp 5-inch HD display. And, expandable memory lets you store up to 256GB of pictures, videos, apps and games.
The current price is $144.90.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.39.
The current sales rank is 22436.
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What are fans saying?
Had this phone for about 6months now, and still running great, perfect.
Bought this phone for my dad who's not great with technology.
He loves it and it's handing it very well.
It is okay but the price is not as good as other stores.3 star is all I can say.
I brought this phone for my mom and she loves it.
What are haters saying?
I took the phone out of my pocket to make a call and noticed it was on some special Blue Load Custom OS Screen and it said to Push Volume Up to Continue or Volume Down to Cancel.
How did I get into this Custom OS Screen to begin with, Was there any way to prevent me from getting into again, Why did the phone not exit the Custom OS screen when I followed the on screen instructions.
I told them I wanted to exchange my phone ($50 when purchased from Boost) for a new one as I did not trust this one anymore and I had marred and scratched up the phone in taking out and replacing the Volume Button to get it to function again.Boost only had one position and that was that it had to be sent in for service (leaving me without a phone) before they could decide whether to replace it.
I told them I was happy to send my phone back but I did not want it repaired and sent back to me as it was unreliable since no one could explain why it went into the Custom OS screen which could not be exited and it was now damaged unlike before this incident.
I told them that was not good enough and they were either doing a direct exchange or I was cancelling my Boost service and recycling the phone as well as forsaking Samsung products in the future as I had already told to Boost.No one seemed to care about exchanging the defective and damaged phone so I have cancelled my Boost service and properly disposed of the phone.
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