Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge - Prepaid - Carrier Locked (Boost Mobile)


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  Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge - Prepaid - Carrier Locked (Boost Mobile)
  Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge - Prepaid - Carrier Locked (Boost Mobile)
5" HD Display
16GB of Storage, 1.5GB of RAM
Expandable Storage up to 256GB
Samsung Easy Mode
The Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge for Boost Mobile brings you a 5" HD Display, 16GB ROM, 1.5GB of RAM, 5MP Rear Camera, 2MP Front Camera and a quad core processor. This phone requires activation with Boost Mobile on a Boost Mobile no-contract monthly plan. Enjoy great features like Samsung Easy Mode, expandable memory up to 256GB, LTE connectivity (where available), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and HD video recording at 30fps. Boost Mobile monthly rate plans start at $35 a month and offer you unlimited talk, text and data (2GB at high speed). Additional plans and add-ons are available.
The current price is $70.00.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.30.
The current sales rank is 19551.
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What are fans saying?
This is a great phone.
This is a good phone and would suggest it to a friend .
Phone is replacing a LG it seem to be an improvement but cannot connect to my network AT&T to finish the updates but that is a AT&T issue and not the phones fault so I will have to try to get should of Boost.
Overall, its a good phone or starter phone for the time being, Im sure the main line galaxy phones are much better than the side phones but I wouldnt recommend this phone as a long term phone to have.
It's fast, and has good battery life; I can use it pretty much constantly all day off of one charge, and it's the perfect size (to me anyway, which is not so small you need reading glasses to see the screen even with 20/20 vision, and not so big you can't hold it and text in one hand).
What are haters saying?
It might have been a good phone but I did not want it because I had previously purchased the 2 and I wanted my husband to have the same one as I have.
It has an alot of network time outs, having trouble connecting to network, freezes up, stops playing music, its just a phone and will not do much more, and anyway I ordered the Samsung Galaxy J3 6, and Amazone sent me this J3 emerge, and its a piece of junk, I recommand do not waste your money you will be looking for another phone really fast.
It was very embarrassing AND we are stuck with a phone that NO ONE can activate and NO ONE can use, and we cannot return.
Worked ok when i got it kind of struggled on youtube but was otherwise good but the other day when i had full signal i spent 5 minutes just trying to respond to my mom with no avail because i would have a millisecond before it would go to voice mail that it even showed the answer call screen and most of the time it just showed a black screen while it vibrated and rang i could only tell it was a call because of my watch witch my phone promptly ignored answering from it.
The phone has been slowing down for the past fue months and its getting to the point its hard to use this is the worst experience ive had with a Samsung device and i have been over all pretty brand loyal since my first phone.
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