SZCO Supplies Fatima Tailor Scissors with Rose Gold Finish, 8.5"


8.5" Overall length

  SZCO Supplies Fatima Tailor Scissors with Rose Gold Finish, 8.5
Stainless steel
Rose Gold Handle
Tailor Scissors
Bent handle for easy cutting
This Fatima Tailor Scissors by SZCO Supplies is 8.5" in overall length. Has stainless steel blades and a rose gold handles. Bent handle for easy cutting.
The current price is $18.22.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Very Good with a score of +0.73.
The current sales rank is 124732.
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These scissors are VERY sharp and good quality.
These scissors cut smoothly and I love the rose gold color.
These scissors are so nice.
Heavy and sturdy and the rose colour is perfect accessory for my desk.
These are great quality and cut paper, card stock, and fabric very very well.I am a teacher and my students will frequently ask to use my scissors if they need to cut something because they love them, too!
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No haters yet!
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