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SATA 22 Pin Male to 22 Pin Female Right Angle Adapter


  SATA 22 Pin Male to 22 Pin Female Right Angle Adapter
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SATA 22 Pin Male to 22 Pin Female Right Angle Adapter This is a 22 pin SATA male to female Right Angle power and data adapter. The 22 pin SATA right angle adapter contains both 15 pin Power and 7 pin DATA with both female and male connections. Micro SATA Cables PN# SATA-90D22P-ADPT
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What are fans saying?
Works as advertised.
I made it work but would have preferred to receive what was pictured.
I was originally sent the left angled version but I contacted the seller and it was all worked out.
This SATA right angle adapter was exactly what i needed.
It works as expected, no problems.
What are haters saying?
I had hoped to use this in the construction of a home made dock but decided to go another route after receiving this part.
Connection is upside down, still works for me sine I can flip the drive cage upside down too, irritating none the less though.
I would suggest you double check your stock, or replace pictures put up, seller, preferably before someone yells at you.
There seems t be a problem with this one as well?
So, I used this item to repair the SATA connector on a hard drive, but not more than a few weeks later, the SATA bracket on this extender also broke off -- ruining the drive cable and rendering itself useless.
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