Rust-Oleum 224284 Stops Rust Inhibitor 10.25-Ounce Spray, Clear


Item Weight: 1.17 lb

  Rust-Oleum 224284 Stops Rust Inhibitor 10.25-Ounce Spray, Clear
Country of Origin: United States
Color: Clear
Brand name: Rust-Oleum
This item is not for sale in Catalina Island
Rust-Oleum 224284 Rust Inhibitor, Rust Inhibitor Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Inhibitor Spray prevents rust without paint. Apply to metal, wood, or masonry. If you wish to paint the surfaces in the future, remove Rust Inhibitor from the surface with solvent such as acetone or mineral spirits prior to painting. Rust-Oleum 224284 Rust Inhibitor, Rust Inhibitor Features: Indoor/Outdoor Semi-gloss Rust inhibitor Shields metal surfaces from rusting Stops rust 10. 25 oz.
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What are fans saying?
Good product, but I can only really recommend for hand tools as it does not handle high heat and dries a bit tacky.
Works exactly as it should.
This product was a lifesaver for the need I had at the time.
At first when you apply it, it does have a greasy residue that seems like it would wipe off easily which might lead one to think that it won't dry.
I might add that I did quite a thick application of the stuff, so I am more than pleased with the ability of this product to dry and adhere to the metal surface.
What are haters saying?
Wasn't at all what I was looking for and I think it's a waste of money if you have something that the bare metal or if you send something down to Bare Metal then just primer it back in and you save money and you don't have to spend money on that product and then more product to wash that product off whenever you are ready to paint it it's a big waste of time .
Basically just a light oil is all it is.
According to the material data safety sheet on this product, it contained a light oil, thinned with paint thinner, and little bit of “dewaxed paraffin”.
It doesn’t really dry, but if you spray it on and wipe it off, most of the surface residue wipes off leaving a sort of dry surface.
The surface is NOT suitable for paint unless you clean this oil off with acetone or paint thinnner.
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