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Rosewill Rubber O-Ring Sound Dampeners for Cherry MX Key Switch,135-Pieces (RO-100T)


For Cherry MX mechanical key switches type use

  Rosewill Rubber O-Ring Sound Dampeners for Cherry MX Key Switch,135-Pieces (RO-100T)
  Rosewill Rubber O-Ring Sound Dampeners for Cherry MX Key Switch,135-Pieces (RO-100T)
Normal keys: 135
Mount Type: O-ring for keycap
Material: Rubber
Rosewill 135pcs Rubber O-Ring Sound Dampeners for Cherry MX Key Switch
The current price is $9.99.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.48.
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What are fans saying?
I'm using a G.Skill KM780 keyboard.
Still, this irritates me and seems like something that could be different and may end up being the deal breaker for me.. if this doesn't bother you then you'll probably like this keyboard just fine.All said, it's a nice keyboard, especially for the price.
As a typing keyboard, or even for gaming, this has a nice feel to it.
The accuracy is amazing and I love how fluid it moves.The RGB feature is nice too.The mouse I used prior to this was a Turtlebeach gaming mouse as well, I appreciate that this mouse doesn't have that sort of rubber top to it that can easily be rubbed off (as it gets distracting) and that this mouse fits nicely in my hand.Would highly recommend for gamers or graphic designers alike!
I purchased a mechanical keyboard previously which is a Rottay Mechanical Keyboard, that is an amazing Keyboard as well however the keys on that keyboard distract one of my colleagues in the office.
What are haters saying?
Don't buy this keyboard, it doesn't work.
I picked it up for free as a bonus for purchasing a keyboard, but disappointed I didn't receive what was described.
The feel is ok, and the keyboard does a good job of dampening the key presses.So while it's usable, the dimly-lit keys put it at the same level of usefulness as a non-illuminated keyboard, and it is over-priced at that.
This is NOT a mechanical keyboard.The space and enter buttons are particularly gooey feeling, and this morning the spacebar started to stick.This is my first experience eith Rosewill products, and left with wondering how the rest of their products are.
I was looking at one of their cases for my upcoming computer build.For the price, I'd say this is about average.I couldn't find a way to shut down the lights in the mouse.I will get a proper keyboard, then this one is moving to my workshop space, it's simply inadequate for significant typing.
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