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Reflective Owl Decoy & Bird Repellent - Double-Sided 16" Flashy Scarecrow Bird Deterrent & Wood Pecker Deterrents with Tinkling Bells (3-Pack)


VALUE PACK! GET 3 OWLS TO SCARE AWAY BIRDS: Why get one owl to scare birds when you can get three? Bonus - these flashy birds bring the bling

  Reflective Owl Decoy & Bird Repellent - Double-Sided 16
  Reflective Owl Decoy & Bird Repellent - Double-Sided 16
THESE BIRDS COME WITH BELLS ON: Scare birds away using sound with this hanging owl set that features two jingling bells per bird
  Reflective Owl Decoy & Bird Repellent - Double-Sided 16
REFLECTIVE BIRD TAPE, REIMAGINED: Add sparkly décor instead of boring old bird repellent tape
DURABLE HANGING GARDEN OWL DESIGN: Hang these waterproof hooters anywhere with no fear of damage
SCARE BUNCHES OF BIRDS: This chiming, sparkly screech owl can spook all kinds of avian invaders like crows, pigeons and seagulls
  Reflective Owl Decoy & Bird Repellent - Double-Sided 16
Birds watch out, and owl fans twist and shout - these reflective owls are as flashy as they are frightening to unwanted avian pests! Hang them in the sun and away from walls or branches so they can chime and sparkle in style.

THIS VALUE PACK IS "OWL RIGHT" FOR ANY SEASON OR LOCATION. Pick up a pack of three and be amazed at how much these reflective bird deterrent designs can startle with their sparkle.

HANG THESE DURABLE BIRD OWL DESIGNS IN THE SUN FOR MAX FLASH. Bird scare devices come and go, and some can be downright unsightly, but these waterproof holographic hooters are built to last.

USE IN PLACE OF GARDEN REFLECTIVE TAPE OR A RUSTY ALUMINUM HANGING OWL. Why use flimsy bird deterrent tape, reflective bird decals or boring owls to scare birds when you can add flashy décor to your home? These holographic owls really catch the sun when they move.

STARTLE STARLINGS AND EVEN KEEP SQUIRRELS AWAY WITH CHIMING BELLS. Each hanging bird repellent owl comes with two bells that jingle in the breeze - make sure to hang them away from walls and branches for top-flight tinkling.

GET MORE FLASH FOR YOUR CASH. These oversized repellent owl designs are 16" tall by 8" wide - and with the value pack you can cover even more territory in your garden or yard.

PETRIFY PESTS OF EVERY FEATHER. Looking for a woodpecker deterrent? Pigeon repellent? A super-shiny owl decoy to scare birds away? Look no further - order these reliable garden owls to scare birds of all kinds and get more than you bargained for in this value pack!

Hanging Reflective Owl Decoy & Bird Repellent (3-Pack)
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What are fans saying?
I don't like the product but the sellers did all they could to make it right.
I hang a couple of them to my peach tree and they do scare the deer and squirrels away.
These really worked to keep the birds away from our pool and patio!
They seem to work at keeping other birds away but are Too light for any area that has any degree of wind.
I hung one at the entrance of the garage when the door is open and they work but it's protected from the wind.
What are haters saying?
Didn't keep the birds away.
The birds and the squirrels are having lots of laughs.
They just hang out with the owls, watching them spin while they enjoy the peaceful sounds of the bells.
Seems my birds have never seen an owl or totally ineffective, placed in my fig tree and birds eat figs next to owl.
You need to hang it high or have a large tree.
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