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Red Clipwell Magnetic Paper Clip Holder


Catches clips tossed onto the bowl surface

  Red Clipwell Magnetic Paper Clip Holder
  Red Clipwell Magnetic Paper Clip Holder
Holds paper clips, push pins, tacks, screws, nails. safety pins, metal parts
  Red Clipwell Magnetic Paper Clip Holder
Super powerful magnet aligns clips for easy pick-up
Sweeps up loose clips with just a pass over them
  Red Clipwell Magnetic Paper Clip Holder
Sick of messy paperclips? Searching in a pile of random screws or metal parts in your workshop? Need a tidy way to keep your safety pins, needles or other crafting items? Clipwell does what no other clip holder can do. The open design and powerful magnet holds not only paper clips, but push pins, thumbtacks, binder clips, nails or screws. No more spills or fumbling. The magnetic field orients clips in a line so they are easy to pick up. Just toss a clip or thumb tack into the bowl surface for Clipwell to “catch” it. Simply swipe Clipwell over loose clips or objects and they will literally leap onto it. Keep track of small components when you take apart something to repair it. Take it with you up the ladder to hold the screws you need to do the job. Clipwell makes handling clips of all kinds more orderly and convenient in your home-office, your shop, and at work. Available in almond, royal blue, lime green, red, turquoise, yellow, and white. Comes with silver paper clips. Diameter 3 1/2” Height 1 3/16”
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  Red Clipwell Magnetic Paper Clip Holder
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What are fans saying?
Nice product, holds the pin on place, needs effort to pick a pin from the strong catch of the magnet.
I like that I can throw a paperclip in the general direction of this holder and it catches it.
4 stars because the magnet is super strong and the paperclips are really pretty and the color is exactly the same as the picture BUT it's not deep as the picture shows.
I like this paper clip holder because it is open (so I don't have to open something to grab a paper clip) but it keeps all the clips from sliding around.
This is super cute and I love having it on my desk.
What are haters saying?
I have never ordered or received any magnetic paper.
This really didn't work for me.
Because it's magnetic, all the paperclips were stuck together and it wasn't an easy grab when I needed one.
I had to try to separate them.
The quality was great, and the color was pretty but this just didn't suit my need.
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