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Purple Glow in the Dark & UV Reactive Pigment Powder - 30 Grams

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Techno Glow Inc
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  • Purple glow in the dark powder pigment. Appear white or invisible in day light when mixed at a low ratio
  • Multi-Purpose glow in the dark pigment charged by natural, artificial light or UV black lights
  • Non-toxic and environment friendly. Not tested on animals and humans
  • Can be mixed with acrylic powder, paint, glue, silicone, plasti dip, artists gels, resin epoxies etc.
  • Popular for glow in the dark nails, art and print work or any application that will provide enough light for it to charge efficiently
★ Luminosity: Purple Violet★ UV Color: Purple★ Daytime Color: White ★ Particle Size: <50 Microns (Best Multi-Purpose Particle Size) When fully charged this amazing purple powder will glow at 905 mcd/m2 after 1 minute, level off to 125 mcd/m2 after 1 hour and will continue to glow for up to 7 hours. Purple takes a little longer to charge in order to glow, but a black light or direct sunlight will charge it much faster if needed. Mix 1 ounce of powder to 4 fluid ounces of clear or transparent medium.  >Compatible MediumsGlow powder can be used with resin, epoxy, paint, glass, nail polish, clay, ...
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green quote
It glows a little more blue than purple but I'm not complaining, it is absolutely gorgeous.
green quote
This was my first time working with glow in the dark powder in resin, but I am really pleased with the results.
green quote
The glow faded out after about a few hours, but that was to be expected with one that glows this color and I am still very pleased with results.
green quote
I’m happy with this purple glow in the dark powder.
green quote
I used this mixed with acrylic powder and the glow is absolutely amazing.
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Category: Paint Making Materials

The usual price range for a paint making material product is between $4.00 to $59.99.

If you want to know about paint making materials products in general, please go to our Paint Making Materials Products: Things to Know Before Buying in 2020 page to learn more!

Editorial Reviews

Jane's Review: Should I buy this product?

Jane's Review

Yes! I recommend this paint making material product based on price trends. Let's go over the reasons why buying this paint making material product now is a good idea, and also things to consider before you decide on this item.

1. The current price is in its lowest range, best time to buy!

image/svg+xml Highest Price Lowest Price $9.94 $7.95

Price is one of the most important factors in making a purchase decision. I analyzed the price of this product in four parts: its recent price change, when it was most expensive/cheapest, its price volatility, and a price prediction I made, just in case you want to wait.

First off, let's talk about its recent price change. The price of this product has gone up, resulting in a 10.44% price increase.

Next, we need to look at its highest price and lowest price. Historically, the highest price point for this paint making material product was $9.94, and the lowest price point was $7.95. The current price is lower than it has ever been. This is definitely the best time to purchase!

What about its availability and price volatility? This is another aspect we have to dig into before buying something. I haven't seen this product being unavailable since I started reviewing this product. So as far as the availability goes, this product is solid. If you plan to make a repeat purchase of this kind of item, this is your product! In addition, I've seen a small amount of price movement with this product. From what I've seen, the price is likely to move up or down by an average of 2.96% at a time.

Considering all this, will the price go up or down in a week? Based on past price points, I expect the price to be $8.78 a week from now. It might be best to purchase as soon as possible before the price becomes too high.

Check Current Price on AmazonCheck Current Price on Amazon

2. This paint making material product has positive reviews on the internet

Some people have a great experience with a product, while some are unlucky and get a defected item and have to go through the whole process of returning them. Since people have different experiences about a product due to various reasons, don't read too much into one good or bad review. Reading multiple reviews with different ratings can help you picture how good/bad the product generally is.

This paint making material product has positivereviews on the internet, and based on current trends, it's likely that people will like this paint making material product more a week later. I summarized what fans and haters say about this product above in the good/ok/bad table, so don't forget to read those since they paint the whole picture! And of course, if you want to read more detailed reviews, many of them are on Amazon!See More Reviews on AmazonSee More Reviews on Amazon

3. Make sure Techno Glow Inc is a brand you can trust

Techno Glow Inc doesn't attract too many people on Amazon among other paint making material product brands. I couldn't find any YouTube videos, Reddit posts, or news articles that directly mention this product, but this can be just me not looking hard enough. Will update this when I have more info!

One thing to be careful about here is that I'm not verifying if this product's maker is a household name or not. This section is more focused on whether this is proven enough by its consumers, whether people actually love this product.

4. Manufacturer has generally positive reviews on their other products

The maker of a product is another factor you want to definitely consider before you buy anything. What if there is a piece missing or there is some defect in the product? With anything you buy online, there is a small chance of this happening. But don't worry too much, because Amazon has an amazing 30-day refund policy (Amazon❤️). Still, you want to make sure that the manufacturer or the seller has been helpful in resolving this kind of problem and/or has been helpful to its customers about general product inquiries. The manufacturer of this product, Techno Glow Inc, has generally positive reviews on the internet. It's generally a good sign if the manufacturer has good reviews overall. If your purchase decision heavily involves how well they make their products and treat their customers, and if you like this product, I'd go with this product!

5. There are other options you might want to check out

image/svg+xml Techno Glow Inc Other similar brands: Art 'N Glow PRESTIGE GLOW IN THE DARK. HXDZFX ATLANTA CHEMICAL ENGINEERING

I found 5 brands that have similar products like this one: Art 'N Glow, the same brand as this product, PRESTIGE GLOW IN THE DARK., HXDZFX, and ATLANTA CHEMICAL ENGINEERING. 'If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, you might want to look at a similar product from the same brand as this product. If you're looking for a paint making material product with best reviews, a product from Art 'N Glow gets the best score on the internet. If your primary concern is whether the product is popular and well known, a similar product from PRESTIGE GLOW IN THE DARK. I linked below is a better option. I linked all the similar products in the similar products section so please check them out! Or you can check other similar products on Amazon, too.

See Similar Products on AmazonSee Similar Products on Amazon

That's it! I hope you learned enough about this product to make a purchase decision now. You can always ask me about anything via the bird button on the bottom right corner. Thanks for reading — I'm going to add more analyses on this review, so stay tuned!

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