Pokemon TCG: Snorlax GX Box Card Game


Two never-before-seen foil promo cards featuring Snorlax and Snorlax-GX

  Pokemon TCG: Snorlax GX Box Card Game
  Pokemon TCG: Snorlax GX Box Card Game
One foil oversize card featuring Snorlax-GX
Four Pokemon TCG booster packs
A code card for the Pokemon trading card game online
  Pokemon TCG: Snorlax GX Box Card Game
A sleeping giant Awakens: snorlax-gx! snorlax is powerful even in its sleep—and even more dangerous when it finally wakes up as a Pokemon! the Pokemon TCG: snorlax-gx box brings you the best of two styles of snorlax—a foil snorlax in the style of the very first Pokemon trading cards, and a foil snorlax-gx featuring a brand-new game mechanic! asleep or awake, mighty snorlax dreams of victory!.
The current price is $11.98.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Very Good with a score of +0.68.
The current sales rank is 711.
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What are fans saying?
I actually bought the box for the non-GX promo to compare it to the original card I had as a kid.
My son loves the snorlax gx pokemon cards.
He loved it and I loved the price!!
Great box deal and the person loved it as a Christmas gift.
I love this!
What are haters saying?
Box was open and the card was damaged.
Buy at a store!
Our granddaughter was very excited to get this as she loves pikeman BUT the box was mainly air- not much in it.
I feel that for the money this was not a good value at all.
Snolax GX was cool but really really mad about the spoof card.
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