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Phanteks PWM Fan Hub Controller (PH-PWHUB_01)


6 channel

  Phanteks PWM Fan Hub Controller (PH-PWHUB_01)
  Phanteks PWM Fan Hub Controller (PH-PWHUB_01)
2x PH-CB-Y3P fan splitter
11 fan max (additional splitters required)
Universal Mounting strips
  Phanteks PWM Fan Hub Controller (PH-PWHUB_01)
The Phanteks PWM Fan Hub is capable of powering up to 11x fans (3-pin) through PWM modulation, while occupying only 1x 4-pin header of your motherboard per Fan Hub. At the same time this Fan Hub also keeps your chassis interior clean and tidy by centralizing all your fan cables. The PWM hub comes with pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation to your Enthoo cases and also Velcro strips for use with other chassis. Power LED illuminates the Phanteks Logo when the PWM hub is powered on.
The current price is $17.00.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.46.
The current sales rank is 3721.
  Phanteks PWM Fan Hub Controller (PH-PWHUB_01)
  Phanteks PWM Fan Hub Controller (PH-PWHUB_01)
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***PLEASE READ*** for anyone skeptical about what this device does (as I was before buying it because it does not explain anything on the product page), this device takes a 4-pin PWM fan header as a source for fan speed, and then converts the signal/selected fan speed into the corresponding DC voltage to control the fan speed on 3-pin DC fans to what you have selected on your motherboard's software, using a SATA power connector as a power source.
It works well, but for the back side of my phanteks case to fit on I had to remove the fan hub from its plastic case.
Turns out this was exactly what I needed, for my specific situation.I have only 1 PWM fan header which I wanted to use to control my other case fans.
You can control that CPU fan header and it's fan curve either through your BIOS or 3rd-party software, but what this essentially does is provide a completing syncing of every fan in your case to the same speed, based on what is being communicated by the CPU fan.After installation, my case went from a constant incessant buzzing of 12V full-speed misery, to what its supposed to be: all fans syncing up and ramping up with the temperature when playing some system-taxing game, or on the inverse, all fans getting quiet when just browsing or watching youtube vids.Things this doesn't have: Its own software as far as I know, or an LED/RGB controller function.Overall I'm extremely satisfied with the concept, quality, and execution of this product, and it is definitely the Easy Button if you want all of your fans temperature sensing in sync, including 3-pin fans, and on a reasonable budget.
This is great when you're playing games, or rending large 3D realms and the CPU and GPU are both screaming, but for the other 90% of the time, it's just loud and annoying.This Phanteks PWM controller ACTUALLY DOES read from one of the PWN headers on the motherboard, and then use DC modulation to control the connected fans accordingly.
What are haters saying?
I set a fan curve in my BIOS and all my 120-140mm fans are very quiet.
Now, as I opened my case panel and realized I just bought the same fan hub that came pre-installed in my case (minus the fancy casing around the hub), the thought dawned upon me...why not just use the 3 pin to 4 pin adapter cables with my currently installed hub?
Then I tried it on an off brand fan hub with sata power, and guess what, it works just like the Phanteks hub.
Essentially, I paid $23 for 2x 3 to 4 pin converter cables...Secondly, my next major gripe about this product, is that you get a 6 fan hub, but only can convert 4 DC fans to PWM using 2 headers of the fan hub.
The 3 to 4 pin converter cables let you plug 2 fans into one header...but you only get 2 sets of cables, so that's 4 fans total.All in all, this product mostly seems wasted since you don't get the appropriate amount of converter cables to cover every fan header, and are essentially tricked into buying a DC fan hub under the guise that it's doing the work to convert the signal for you.TL:DR - If you already have a fan hub, just buy 3 pin to 4 pin fan header converter cables and skip this, as it's just a DC fan hub with a couple cables to convert 4 dc fans to PWM.-------EDIT-------I spent a significant amount of time contacting Phanteks to see if it was possible to acquire more of these 3 to 4 pin adapter cables.
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