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Outuxed 12pcs 2" Large Assorted Color Binder Clips Metal Paper Clips for Keeping Documents Together


Package contains 12pcs large assorted color binder clips, 5cm width, 4 colors

  Outuxed 12pcs 2
  Outuxed 12pcs 2
Easy to open, strong grip, for binding books, to prevent paper from slipping or pulling out.
  Outuxed 12pcs 2
Put clips in a reusable plastic bucket for easy storage.
The handle can be folded for processing, or it can be removed for stapling.
Fashion bright colors, with a strong structure of strength and durability.
  Outuxed 12pcs 2
These binder clips play an important role at home, office, classroom and workplace. With a steel handle, the clip provides an extra, powerful grip for your documents to make you work more conveniently.
The clip can be reused and can be bent back after each use. The width of the clip is 5cm, and our packaging let you conveniently keep the clips neatly in your office space.
The current price is $7.99.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.53.
The current sales rank is 25672.
  Outuxed 12pcs 2
  Outuxed 12pcs 2
  Fans vs. Haters
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What are fans saying?
I love the colors it makes the day brighter.
The large size is just what I need for securing stacks of important paperwork.
I love keeping papers organized with these pretty, practical binders!
However, if you are elderly, have any arthritis in your hands, or are otherwise compromised in strength, they might be a big frustration as they are to me.
I use them for chip clips but of course, papers would be the obvious use.
What are haters saying?
Too small.
The package is damaged and dirty, the clips feels unclean and most of the clips have scratches on them, which let me feel like they are recycled, not new ones.
They're disgusting.
The pictures are the second I took them out.
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