Omwah Neck Strips 60 strips pack of 12 (720)


Made of Soft, Highly Absorbent Tissue

  Omwah Neck Strips 60 strips pack of 12 (720)
  Omwah Neck Strips 60 strips pack of 12 (720)
Catches Loose Hair
  Omwah Neck Strips 60 strips pack of 12 (720)
Absorb Perspiration & Drips
Stretches To Fit Around Neck, Keeping It Clean & Protected
12 Packs of 60 Strips / Total 720 Strips
They stretch to comfortably fit around the customer's neck, keeping it clean and protected. Made of a soft, highly absorbent tissue.
The current price is $8.99.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.45.
The current sales rank is 27932.
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What are fans saying?
These neck strips work good.
They work for what they're made for at a great price.
I'm a barber and these strips are softer, easier to remove from dispenser, good stretch and strength.
I cut hair so I use These as neck strips and to pour my astringent on and they are more like tissue so it crumbles and breaks up when I go to wipe off my clients!!
Great product for the money .
What are haters saying?
Quality is kinda cheap.
I ordered this product to try it out at the shop.
It was like toliet paper with holes in it.
Another thing to add is that the strips seem to diminish once any liquid came in contact with the product.
Rips easily.
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