O2COOL Deluxe Necklace Fan, Gray


Hand-free cooling with powerful vertical airflow

  O2COOL Deluxe Necklace Fan, Gray
  O2COOL Deluxe Necklace Fan, Gray
Compact and portable
Adjustable safety lanyard included
Requires 2-AA batteries (not included)
Battery run time: 12 hours
  O2COOL Deluxe Necklace Fan, Gray

O2COOL’s Deluxe Necklace Fan is great for personal cooling on-the-go.  Our powerful, one-speed motor has an internal 2.5-inch fan blade. The perfect accessory for working out, physical therapy or any on-the-go activity when a vertical airflow will cool you down.   Innovative hands-free cooling is provided by our adjustable safety lanyard which allows you to wear the fan around your neck and our unique design which delivers a vertical airflow.  Compact in size and portable, you can take this fan anywhere you like.  Fan requires 2-AA batteries (not included).  Battery run time is 12 hours.  Offered in assorted colors. 

Product Care: 

  • For best performance, always use fresh alkaline batteries. 
  • There is a risk of leakage from the batteries if they are installed incorrectly.  Please follow the instructions.
  • When storing the fan for more than 2 weeks, please remove the batteries and ensure fan is in the “off” position.
  • Clean only with a dry cloth.  Do not allow water to drip into the fan. 

For 25 years, O2COOL has been a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of creative consumer products that solve unique problems.  Our products are innovative, multi-functional and cool by design.  Founded in 1992, we are a market leader in the portable cooling and hydration industries.  Our patent protected products make every day unique.  In 2015, we expanded into the Pool, Patio & Beach as well as Pet categories for the active consumer.  In 2017, we acquired bobble, a high-quality, high-design lineup of hydration and filtration products with strong intellectual property and Zing Anything, an infusion hydration and housewares product line, to our family of products solidifying our commitment to the active lifestyle consumer.  Cool by Design.

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  O2COOL Deluxe Necklace Fan, Gray
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What are fans saying?
I love this little fan.
Menopause is no one's idea of a good time, but this little fan helps the hot flashes.
Love this product got it for my mom at wrk she has hot flashes and it is perfect for her shhe loves it well worth the money great buy highly recommend.
I liked it because I thought it might be good on trips when the kids get hot and complainy.However, wearing it as a necklace is not so effective.
I work in a wearhouse so having this on a really hot day helps me get some type of cool air.
What are haters saying?
I just got ready to use and the battery door would not open so this one will not work at all.
But it is a shame the first time I took it out of the package it did not work.
I have a 3-pack usb fan pack that attaches to my phone that I bought for 8 bucks and each one of those fans is at least twice as powerful as this piece of junk.
I saw good reviews for this online and was excited to get mine, and was planning on using it for an outdoor event in August the we go to and melt at every summer, was disappointed with it.
I bought this to use during summer church services, but I found that the air volume is fairly weak (there's only one speed) and the noise that is generated is fairly loud given the quiet setting.
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