O2COOL 5" Battery Operated Clip Fan Grey


The product is 5" BLK 2SPD Clip Fan

  O2COOL 5
Easy and simple use kit
The product is manufactured in China
5 Inch fan blades
Heavy-duty clip allows you to use fan almost anywhere. Clip it to your beach chair, patio chair, canopy, or kids bunk
5 ", Black, 2 Speed, Battery Operated Clip Fan, Heavy Duty Clip Allows You To Use Fan Almost Anywhere, Clip It To Your Beach Chair, Patio Chair, Canopy, Kids Bunk Or Cardio Equipment, Battery Pack Uses 2 "D" Cell Batteries, Not Included.
The current price is $19.99.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Moderate with a score of +0.08.
The current sales rank is 46072.
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What are fans saying?
At first I was very disappointed in the product when I pulled it out of the box because it didn't seem like the fan was going to point in the direction that I wanted.
The ones made for strollers and car seats etc., but this one works better and lasts longer.Great little product, so happy I got it.
The batteries make it a little heavy but this is perfect to clip on to a treadmill or to take car camping.
I wasn't sure how this would work for me, since I sleep in a hammock, but there was no problem clipping this to the ridge line, and using it to keep cool.
I love this fan, and will use it on every hot weather camping trip.I got one for my son, too, and he clipped his to the bill of a baseball cap, and used it to keep cool as he hiked around the camp.
What are haters saying?
I could barely feel any breeze on my face with the fan about 20 inches away.
Bought one, it stopped working in three months.
Can't even fell the air 3 inches away.I bought it so that I could clip it to the golf cart, but you can't even feel any breeze a few inches away.
Works fine but mine was missing the battery cover :-/ .
Not blowing any air... it's very weak :( .
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