O2-Cool 10-Inch Portable Fan


Dual Power sources: Plug-in with the AC adapter (available for purchase) or use 6-D batteries (not included)

  O2-Cool 10-Inch Portable Fan
Powerful 2 speed 10-inch blade
Convenient built-in handle, stable horseshoe base and tilts for directional air flow
Compact folding design makes it great for travel; easy to carry and store
Perfect for camping and outdoor activities
Maximum air circulation. The most powerful fan of its kind. Lightweight & truly portable (less than 3 lbs. without the batteries or adapter) color - black.
The current price is $52.54.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Very Good with a score of +0.62.
The current sales rank is 341257.
  Fans vs. Haters
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What are fans saying?
This was great for the tent when camping in hot weather.
We were without electricity for a couple of weeks after Irma and it never failed that the breeze would die just when it was time to go to sleep.
Great product and very useful.
If this can last as long as the other one (maybe 13 or so years), it's well worth the purchase.
I haven't used it enough with batteries yet to know how long they last, but have used the small ones made by O2Cool which use 2 D cells and they run a long time.
What are haters saying?
I have a small desk top fan that gives off more air!
I can't keep it running.
True, I gave has this fan for 3 years in case of power outages.
Hurricane Florence came through N.C. and I put the batteries in and turned the fan on.
Nothing !
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