Nespresso VertuoLine Voltesso Espresso, 10 Capsules


COFFEE BLEND - A light & sweet espresso for the Nespresso VertuoLine System

  Nespresso VertuoLine Voltesso Espresso, 10 Capsules
  Nespresso VertuoLine Voltesso Espresso, 10 Capsules
COUNT - 10 capsules per box. Each capsule brews 1.35 ounce cup of espresso
ROAST LEVEL - Light roast espresso - Nespresso Intensity 4
COFFEE ORIGIN - 100% Arabica - Brazilian Bourbon & Colombian beans
WE RECYCLE - Aluminum capsules ensure 100% recyclability and guarantee coffee freshness
  Nespresso VertuoLine Voltesso Espresso, 10 Capsules
A balanced and mild espresso blend for the Nespresso VertuoLine system. Sold in sleeves of 10 capsules, each capsule brews a 1.35 ounce cup of espresso. VertuoLine machines are designed to capture the rich textures of espresso in a full size cup of coffee. VertuoLine capsules have unique barcodes which are read by the machines to ensure perfect extraction at the touch of a button. Voltesso capsules only compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine machines. Will not work with OriginalLine machines.

Lightly roasted, Voltesso is a balanced, round coffee that reveals biscuity notes and pronounces a distinctly sweet aroma thanks to its South American Arabicas. For an even smoother result, blend Voltesso with milk for a delicious new take on this Espresso.


Sustainable coffee production ensures our supply of high quality coffee for the future. In partnership with the Rainforest Alliance, our AAA Sustainable Quality ProgramTM protects the environment, empowers farmers and more.

Nespresso capsules are made of 100% recyclable aluminum. As the perfect protector of coffee, aluminum capsules keep over 900 distinct aromas safe from the elements.

Find locations to drop off your used Nespresso capsules at over 88,000 UPS locations and Nespresso Boutiques at Or call the Nespresso Club for immediate assistance, 877-964-6299.

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What are fans saying?
I loved the flavor.
The coffee is great but it's cheaper to just order directly from Nespresso.
Nespresso pods same day shipping is definitely one of the best way to get the pods for my coffee addiction!
So unless they produce the Voltesso in a larger pod, Melozio is my go-to most mornings - you might like to check out my review for that pod too)As soon as I stumble out of bed I reach for a Melozio (you may also be interested in my detailed review for that pod).
This is the high point of my morning routine!I confess I drink my coffee with a tiny dash of Yacon syrup (incredibly good for you) and some half and half (not so great for you, but delicious)If you haven’t tried Yacon syrup you might like to check out my review for that.
What are haters saying?
Overpriced , I thought I ordered 6 boxes with 10 capsules in each.
Received my nespresso capsules today and all but one of them arrived completely crushed....not ok. For some reason just over a tablespoon or so and the or so is the maximum ammount out of coffee that comes out of these pods from this order.
I realize there were two different sizes included with the order, however, even when using the same color and size pod I would get a different amount of coffee.
The espresso is good but just opened one of my boxes and a few have a little dent on top and one has a major dent on top.
Those used to he good, but last few batches were really bad , I obtained the same pods from Nespresso and they tasted and smelled very different.
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