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Mouse Pad, Uhuru 9"x8" Soft Gaming Laser Optical Mini Mouse Pad with Trump or Hillary Campaign Slogan (Random Slogan) Black


UHURU means freedom in Swahili of Africa

  Mouse Pad, Uhuru 9
  Mouse Pad, Uhuru 9
No Matter What You Believe, "MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN" by Trump or "STRRONGER TOGETHER" by Hillary, we all love American
  Mouse Pad, Uhuru 9
RAMDOM SLOGAN SHIPPING: you never know which slogan you will get
Smooth Surface & Non-skidding Rubber Back
Mini size but suitable for all kinds of mouse, e.g. wireless mouse, Bluetooth Mouse, vertical mouse, wired mouse
  Mouse Pad, Uhuru 9
If you only need a simple, solid mouse pad, this one is perfect for you. Solid black color with Trump’s or Hillary’s campaign slogan(random ship to you, you don’t know which slogan you will get) and UHURU logo on it. Smooth surface helps your mouse instant action on the desk, especially for users who use a glass desk which cannot reflect the optical reaction of your mouse; while the anti-slip rubber back makes the pad sturdy on the desk, which won’t move while you move your mouse.
The current price is $3.99.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.41.
The current sales rank is 266084.
  Mouse Pad, Uhuru 9
  Mouse Pad, Uhuru 9
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What are fans saying?
It works perfectly with my mouse.
Plug & play, works perfectly and the compact size works well in the dentist's exam room for which I purchased this keyboard/mouse combo.
The keyboard is not even needed if you use this for a smart tv, the mouse works very well for that.
This is a great price for this mouse.
This is a perfect mouse for my gaming set up.
What are haters saying?
Now the roller of the mouse is not working well and the keys of the keyboard don't seem to respond well.
The seller is very, very nice, so I was thankful for that, but the product I think is dysfunctional.
The keyboard layout was not uniform with most keyboards so I had to look at it to be sure I was hitting the right keys (and I’m a good typist!).
Out of nowhere, this week, the mouse stopped working (the keyboard still woks).The item was never dropped, mishandled, or mistreated.I've owned several wireless mouse's, and it's not at all unreasonable to expect them to work for 5 years or more.
I do not like the size of this, I guess I should have researched it more, it is really small and since it is this small the keys are very close together which makes it very hard to type!Wish I would have returned this for one of normal size, I just cannot use it due to the size.
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