McDavid Pair Teflx Knee/Elbow/Shin Pads, Medium, Black


9mm Hex Pad professional foam padding bonded to a breathable nylon fabric

  McDavid Pair Teflx Knee/Elbow/Shin Pads, Medium, Black
Regular length and fit provides protection against abrasions playing multiple sports
Additional TEFLX ultra durable coating for hard court sports
Machine wash and dry
TEFLX technology can withstand repeated scuffs and skids on hard surfaces
McDavid's patented Hex Pad technology consists of closed cell foam padding bonded to a breathable nylon compression fabric. Hex pads move freely and in synch with an athlete's movements. They are lightweight and tremendously versatile. The compression fabric helps provide warmth and compression to joints and muscles for improved athletic performance and faster muscle recovery. Hex Pads are used by many professional and college players to protect wrists, knees, hips, elbows, arms, back, and chest. Copied by several brands, but never equaled in performance or durability. Hex Pads are machine washable and dryable without shrinkage.
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What are fans saying?
They are okay..
I used them for a shooting platform on my elbows on concrete.
They did the job but I again expected a little more padding.
I had read other reviews on these and wasn't sure how they would hold up with the mud and dirt, but they were awesome.
A bit longer than necessary (I'm using my for indoor volleyball), and they don't breathe that well, but definitely no worse than other pads I've worn.
What are haters saying?
Outside of the pad ripped the first time it was used.
Contacted the manufacturer about a replacement, was told I would receive one, and months later still haven't.
Traditional knee pads just don't stay in place.
These are wonderful, they have just enough padding and do not need to be adjusted all day long.
Been wearing them for months and no problems.Update: After about 4 months use, the padding went flat.
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