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Lenovo 14 Inch Laptop Sleeve - Yoga 920 & 910 14" Leather Sleeve (GX40M66708)


SLEEK SLEEVE: This laptop sleeve is designed with genuine leather, ensuring you have the best looking 910, no matter where you are

  Lenovo 14 Inch Laptop Sleeve - Yoga 920 & 910 14
  Lenovo 14 Inch Laptop Sleeve - Yoga 920 & 910 14
MAGNETIC LAPTOP COVER: Two well-placed magnets in your sleeve's flap ensure the contents of your sleeve are always safe and secure
SLEEVE WITH POCKET: Tagging along your favorite accessories and movie device is easier than ever with the 910's spacious sleeve
Compatible with Yoga 920 and 910 notebooks
  Lenovo 14 Inch Laptop Sleeve - Yoga 920 & 910 14
A little swag for your Yoga 910. The Lenovo Yoga 910 Leather Sleeve is the perfect travel companion for you and your 910. Designed with a premium leather exterior and fabric interior, your sleeve will give your 910 both the look and protection it deserves. To go along with its sleek appearance, the sleeve features a magnetic flap and spacious pouch, giving you the convenience to securely tag along your favorite accessories. Combine the look, protection, and accessibility and you have not only a sleeve, but an essential for your 910.
The current price is $49.99.
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  Lenovo 14 Inch Laptop Sleeve - Yoga 920 & 910 14
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What are fans saying?
The description calls this a "sleeve" and that is exactly what it is- a fits-like-a-glove, sleek, and stylish sleeve, but that is all that it is.
Love it - fits perfectly - very professional looking and classy.
I was looking for a sleek, simple and professional cover for my Yoga 920 and this is perfect!
Personally, I was looking for a laptop case that doesn't add much bulk to the laptop so I can still carry it around in a large purse/tote - if I am going to be using it for more than a few hours and will need the charger I just throw that in the purse as well.
I love this case, it is perfect for my Yoga.
What are haters saying?
This is plastic.
In the photo is the article made of Chinese 'leather' with a leather belt draped across it to illustrate it looks and feels like plastic.
Store your $1,000+ machine in a sleeve that is closed by a flap with magnets so weak you hardly know they're there, and those small magnets have to be aligned for it to even "close".
In the pictures, you can see a mouse or something in the inner pocket-- good luck with that.So it's a sleeve that you basically have to carry around upright, has no handle, and no room for a charger, cords, or even a mouse.
It does get one star for looking nice and being made of decent materials, so you can look at it while you wonder how this product was put into production.
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