Lambro 2676W White Plastic Louvered Vent, 4-Inch


Manufactured in United states

  Lambro 2676W White Plastic Louvered Vent, 4-Inch
Easy to use
Highly durable
Louvered Wall vent white
Easy to install
Lambro 4 Inch White Plastic Louvered Vent is manufactured in by Lambro in the USA. Many products can be used in other areas of the home and are easy to use and install.
The current price is $1.64.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.46.
The current sales rank is 3230.
  Fans vs. Haters
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What are fans saying?
It fit - it worked.
Exactly what I was looking for, works perfect.
The quality and price of this item is perfectly fitting for what we need and hopefully its use will extend beyond the year.
This was affordable works great, and is easy to install.
I've had this vent cover in place for several months now and it is working as good as new.
What are haters saying?
Didn't fit, not worth the money it would cost to return it.
The tab broke off one of the flaps shortly after it was installed.
I see why it was only $5.
It didn't fit the standard opening of my dryer vent.
Very thin plastic and not worth the price.
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