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Kingston 240GB A400 SSD 2.5'' SATA 7MM 2.5-Inch SA400S37/240G


Fast start up, loading and file transfers

  Kingston 240GB A400 SSD 2.5'' SATA 7MM 2.5-Inch SA400S37/240G
  Kingston 240GB A400 SSD 2.5'' SATA 7MM 2.5-Inch SA400S37/240G
More reliable and durable than a hard drive
Multiple capacities with space for applications or a hard drive replacement
Capacity: 240GB, Interface: SATA Rev. 3.0 (6Gb/s) - with backwards compatibility to SATA Rev. 2.0. 240GB - 500MB/s Read and 350MB/s Write
  Kingston 240GB A400 SSD 2.5'' SATA 7MM 2.5-Inch SA400S37/240G
Incredible speeds plus rock-solid reliability - Kingston's A400 solid-state drive dramatically improves the responsiveness of your existing system with incredible boot, loading and file transfer times compared to mechanical hard drives. Powered by a latest gen controller for read and write speeds up to 500MB/s and 450MB/s, this SSD is 10x faster than a traditional hard drive for higher performance, ultra-responsive multi-tasking and an overall faster system. Also more reliable and durable than a hard drive, A400 is built with Flash memory. There are no moving parts, making it less likely to fail than a mechanical hard drive. It's also cooler and quieter, and its shock and vibration resistance makes it ideal for notebooks and other mobile computing devices. A400 is available in multiple capacities from 120GB-480GB to give you all the space you need for applications, videos, photos and other important documents. You can also replace your hard drive or a smaller SSD with a drive big enough to hold all your files. Backwards compatibility to SATA Rev. 2.0 (3Gb/s)
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  Kingston 240GB A400 SSD 2.5'' SATA 7MM 2.5-Inch SA400S37/240G
  Kingston 240GB A400 SSD 2.5'' SATA 7MM 2.5-Inch SA400S37/240G
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What are fans saying?
I installed windows 10 on this and use it as my boot drive.
Yes, this is a solid state drive, however this drive is a VALUE drive, as far as SSDs go, this one is quite slow, the best I can get out of it is 313 read and 191 write... technically faster than a mechanical drive by leaps and bounds, there are faster drives out there that are better bang for your buck.If you are looking for a cheap SSD to say increase the speed of an old laptop and dont want to dump a bunch of money into a SSD thats full speed cant / wont be fully utilized then this is the drive for you.
This was a great drive and was used as just my OS drive.
I have previous experience installing a Samsung 850 EVO SSD in a one year old Dell Inspiron 5559 laptop; I did the cloning myself, but left the final step of physically swapping the HDD to SSD to a laptop service center with a local equivalent of $2 fee.I used the Startech USB 3.0 to SATA III adapter and Samsung cloning software and it went smooth as silk.I wanted to repeat the process for my ten years old HP Compaq 6735s Notebook to give it new life either to sell it or to use it as second PC.Although it was ten years old, but it has been kept in the closet almost new for all this period.It came with 32 bit Vista home basic OS which was already very slow even though it was new.It has an AMD Sempron 2GHz processor, SATA II 160 GB HDD and 1GB of RAM.The first thing I did was to download Windows 10 32bit home version from Microsoft, and then making a clean installation.
The clean installation has worked well, but the device drivers were too old to work with W10, however I was able to download few compatible drivers using Windows update.I was afraid and skeptical of the cloning process’s success as Kingston SSD does not come with cloning software and the SATA version is II (3Gb/S), but I went ahead and ordered the Kingston A400 120GB SSD from Amazon.I used the same Startech USB 3.0 to SATA III adapter to perform cloning and the Todo Backup free version backup software without selecting the option of sector by sector cloning because the destination was smaller than source.Cloning the hard drive to SSD was very very slow; it took 2 hours 15 minutes to 2 and half hours for the cloning to complete, even the hard disk had only the OS and I cleaned up system files.After cloning completed, I shut down the computer and swapped the drives to find to my surprise and joy that the cloning has succeeded and Windows has loaded correctly for the first time without changing anything in the ancient system BIOS, and of course there was a very nice improvement in speed and responsiveness.My experience has been very good, and I hope to be able to continue using my old laptop until the end of its expected life.
What are haters saying?
However with the SSD drive I recieved I have found that it will not connect to my computer, it doesn't show up in BIOS or device management.
As it turns out, this drive is not natively configured to be a boot drive, which is why I had such a time with the installation, and which is why I do not have a menu on bootup asking which operating system to boot (I have a 250 GB SSD running Windows 10).
The only purpose for purchasing an SSD of this size is to install only an operating system, and since it wasn't configured as a boot drive then it ultimately fails at its ONE job.
I received my SSD in time, nothing wrong with that, however, when installed in my computer, the drive was not detected, I tried troubleshooting and investigating but no solution other than I need to buy a new one since this does not work.
Hopefully I can get a refund for this, I would not recommend this product.
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