Keystone All Natural Beef 28 Oz (Pack of 3)


28 Oz Can (Pack of 3)

  Keystone All Natural Beef 28 Oz (Pack of 3)
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Fully cooked No water added All Natural* *Contains No Artificial Ingredients Is Only Minimally Processed
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We have been using this for beef and noodles and it is always a high quality cut of beef.
As mentioned before if you make the concoction that I did you can feed a family of 4 possibly 5.
One to two people you can get a few days out of this.When I opened the can yes I was greeted with fat and juice.
From another reviewer it was suggested to just dump everything in a pot and let it cook.
It turned out to be fantastic.Depending on how long the store that I purchased this from will keep this I need to buy more than just two cans.
What are haters saying?
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