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Keyboard Cover Compatible ASUS VivoBook 15.6" X540SA/NA X541UA/SA X542BA F542UA X751NA X555LA R540NA /PRO P2530UA P2540NV/UA/UB /Old ASUS Laptop with Numeric Keypad-Check Layout with Image 2 -Black


Specially Design for ASUS WITH NUMERIC KEYBPARD laptop: A**** Series, D**** Series, F**** Series, G**** Series, K**** Series, N**** Series, P**** Series, Q**** Series, R**** Series, T**** Series, U**** Series, V**** Series, W**** Series, X**** Series, Y**** Series, Z**** Series etc.[Refer to image 2 Keyboard Layout and Product description's Applicable Models List to Determine If Can Fit]

  Keyboard Cover Compatible ASUS VivoBook 15.6
  Keyboard Cover Compatible ASUS VivoBook 15.6
High precision molding, extreme fit closely to original key, giving unparalleled typing response.
  Keyboard Cover Compatible ASUS VivoBook 15.6
With industry leading 0.01" thickness, maximize to restore the original typing experience.
Washable, reusable, prevent keyboard from coffee, water, dust, normal wear and tear damage
Including: keyboard cover x1, welcome guide, Friendly customer service--for any product problems or not satisfied with it, please feel free to contact us
  Keyboard Cover Compatible ASUS VivoBook 15.6
At FORITO, we are committed to creating great products by good quality, friendly, responsive service. *****Full Protection Solution from FORITO ***** Applicable Models List ✔ ASUS A**** Series, including-- ASUS A550C A550X A555DG ✔ ASUS D**** Series , including-- ASUS D550MA D552C ✔ ASUS F**** Series , including-- ASUS F500 F550 F550V F552 F552LDV F554 F554LA F555 F555LA F555LB F555LD F555LJ F555UA F556UA F751L F751LDV FL5000CC FL5500L FL5600L FL5800 FX50J FX-PLUS4200 ✔ ASUS G**** Series , including-- ASUS G501JW GL502VY GL502VS GL502VT G550J G550JK G551J GL551JK GL551JM GL551JW GL552J GL552JX GL552VW GL752VW GL771JM GL752VW ✔ ASUS K**** Series , including-- ASUS K501L K501LX K501UW K501UX K550 K550CA K552 K553MA K555 K751LN4210 ✔ ASUS N**** Series , including-- ASUS N501J N550 N550JA N550JV N551 N551JQ N550JK N750JV ✔ ASUS P**** Series , including-- ASUS P2520LA P2530UA P2540UA PE552LJ ✔ ASUS Q**** Series , including-- ASUS Q503UA Q504UA Q524UQ Q534UX Q552UB Q553UB ✔ ASUS R**** Series, including-- ASUS R510 R513 R556 R556LA R557L RN551JQ ✔ ASUS T**** Series , including-- ASUS TP550LA TP550LD ✔ ASUS U**** Series , including-- ASUS UX501 UX501J UX501VW ✔ ASUS V**** Series , including-- ASUS V500CA V505LX VM510L VM580D VM590L Lamborghini VX7SX ✔ ASUS W**** Series , including-- ASUS W508L W509L W518L W519LD ✔ ASUS X**** Series , including-- ASUS X500 X501 X501A X502 X502CA X503MA X522 X540LA X540SA X550 X550CA X550LA X550LB X550ZA X551 X551CA X551MA X551MAV X552 X552CL X552EA X552EP X552LAV X552VL X553 X553SA X553MA X554 X555 X555LA X555LD X555LN X555LP X555YA X750JA X750JB X750JN X750LA X750LB X751LA X751LAV X751LD X751LDV X751MA ✔ ASUS Y**** Series , including-- ASUS Y581 Y581C Y582C Y582L Y583 ✔ ASUS Z**** Series , including-- ASUS ZX50
The current price is $6.89.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.22.
The current sales rank is .
  Keyboard Cover Compatible ASUS VivoBook 15.6
  Keyboard Cover Compatible ASUS VivoBook 15.6
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What are fans saying?
This one fits perfectly with my Asus laptop!
Fits my Asus Q504U keyboard perfectly!
Fits perfectly on my keyboard!
There is a tiny bit of bubbling on an alt key, and a shadow on one of the green keys, but for the price I'm happy with the quality.
Lol “home” was misspelled on the cover as “hone” but other than that it is a perfect keyboard cover.
What are haters saying?
My keyboard condom easily gets off and not easy to put back on in the dark.
Not sure if it's worth having.
Disappointed it didn’t fit the keyboard.
It fits.
Though I wish it glowed in the dark.
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