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JAM Paper Colored Standard Paper Clips - Regular 1" - White - 100/pack


Color: White

  JAM Paper Colored Standard Paper Clips - Regular 1
Size: 1 Inch (Standard/Regular)
Quantity: 100 per box
Our premium paper clips are made from high quality vinyl coated steel wire
These colorful paperclips are great for organizing papers at home, school, or the office!
Stay organize at home, the office or at school with JAM Paper® Colored Standard Paper Clips! These paperclips are not only colored, they are sturdy, reliable and made of the highest quality smooth metal. These white clips are neutral enough to use, but if you decide to clips together some colored paper, they will surely make a statement. These are standard sized paper clips, so they measure 1 inch long and can hold a variety of papers. These clips are perfect to stay organized, make a color coded filing system, or just accessorizing your papers or reports. They are sold in packs of 100. Size: 1 inch | Color: White | Quantity: 100/pack
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What are fans saying?
Very cool.
I love the green color on these paper clips.
They're fun and unexpected.
They're well made and they put a smile on my face.
What are haters saying?
Not rose gold as advertised... more copper colored than rose.
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