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JAM Paper Colored Jumbo Paper Clips - Large 2" - Pink Paperclips - 75/pack


Color: Pink

  JAM Paper Colored Jumbo Paper Clips - Large 2
  JAM Paper Colored Jumbo Paper Clips - Large 2
Size: 2 inches (Large/Jumbo)
Quantity: 75 per box
Our premium paper clips are made from high quality vinyl coated steel wire
These colorful paperclips are great for organizing papers at home, school, or the office!
  JAM Paper Colored Jumbo Paper Clips - Large 2

Pretty Pink Clips!
Forget those old school, boring silver paperclips and get pretty in pink with these brightly colored pink JAM Paper® Colored Jumbo Paper Clips! Besides their bold pink color, these clips are a jumbo size, meaning that they measure 2 inches long. They are perfect for holding a large amount of papers with ease. The color is sure to perfectly accessorize those documents or reports, or just add a bit of fun flair. They are made from durable, sturdy metal so they won't bend or break easily. They are perfect to use to organize around the house or to create a unique, color coded filing system. These clips are sold in packs of 75.

Size: 2 inches
Color: Pink
Quantity: 75 Paperclips

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What are fans saying?
These are perfect!
I love the color of these.
And they work like small paperclips are supposed to work.
These paper clips are good quality and are a beautiful color.
Only one request to JAM; please offer an assortment of pastel colors in one package.
What are haters saying?
These paper clips are not rose gold at all.
Like a burnt orange.
There is nothing wrong with them.
They seem fine and sturdy enough, but I was wanting actual rose gold (pinker) paper clips to match the ones I already had and the rest of my office things.
The seller needs to list them as RUST colored, not rose gold.
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