J-Deal 10x Pcs SG90 Micro Servo Motor 9G RC Robot Helicopter Airplane Boat Controls


Operating speed: 0.12second/ 60degree ( 4.8V no load)

  J-Deal 10x Pcs SG90 Micro Servo Motor 9G RC Robot Helicopter Airplane Boat Controls
Stall Torque (4.8V): 17.5oz /in (1kg/cm)
Operating voltage: 3.0V~7.2V
Temperature range: -30 to +60
Dead band width: 7usec

*TOWERPROSG-90 Micro Servo
*All Nylon Gear
*Connector Wire Length 150MM

*Name: 9 grams of steering gear
*Size: 23mmX12.2mmX29mm
*Weight: 9 grams
*Torsional moment: 1.5kg/cm
*Working voltage: 4.2-6V
*temperature range :0 ℃ --55 ℃:
*Operating speed: 0.3 seconds /60 degree
*Dead band width: 10 microseconds

Packager Content:

10 Pcs Tower Pro SG90 Mini Micro Servo
The current price is $13.00.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Moderate with a score of +0.04.
The current sales rank is 84919.
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What are fans saying?
These are great; I'm using them for some arduino projects, they work awesome.
They work great.
They worked great for what I needed them for!
Reasonable price, quick delivery and item is performing as expected.
OK, I had low expectations for this product, but I have to say I tested ALL of them and they work perfectly.
What are haters saying?
1 servo didn't work properly out of 8 yep out of 8 they couldn't count to ten so I got shorted so 7 servos yea they're decent the ones that work but no really worth the trouble when I could get better quality for that price.
Grabbed another 2 from the package, connected to servo tester again, this time with arms attached and proceeded to cycle them.. yup same thing, not centering properly after a few cycles...These things are junk, and I wish amazon wouldn't have made me return them for the refund.
I tried to use them in a little foamie trainer plane, and these things drift so far, so often, it makes it all but impossible to trim.
That was the worst one, but they all exhibited this behavior.I used a centering tool to try and figure out the problem as well, and they act the same even without a load.Buy nice, or buy twice is the lesson here.
They cant hold a position well and if they try, it burns up the motor.Just invest in the metal gear servos before wasting time with these pieces of junk.
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