IOGEAR 4-Port DVI KVMP Switch with Cables, TAA Compliant, GCS1104


Controls 4 USB DVI Computers

  IOGEAR 4-Port DVI KVMP Switch with Cables, TAA Compliant, GCS1104
  IOGEAR 4-Port DVI KVMP Switch with Cables, TAA Compliant, GCS1104
2.1 Stereo audio and microphone support
Plug-n-Play hot pluggable
DynaSync supports EDID to eliminate delay of video resolution when switching
Independent hotkey switching between KVM focus, USB peripherals, and audio ports
  IOGEAR 4-Port DVI KVMP Switch with Cables, TAA Compliant, GCS1104
IOGear's DVI KVMP Switch GCS1104 charts a revolutionary new direction in KVM switch functionality by providing an interface for today's digital monitors while integrating a 4-port USB KVM switch with USB 2.0 peripheral sharing capabilities. As a KVM switch, the unit allows the user to access four computers from a single USB keyboard, USB mouse, and monitor, and also share among the computers USB 2.0 peripherals such as external hard drives, printers and scanners. This Switch is backed up by IOGear's 3 Year Limited Warranty
The current price is $129.99.
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What are fans saying?
I have no problems with it recognizing my wireless keyboard but if only one computer is powered and goes to sleep, I cannot wake it without powering up the other computer and then toggling the KVM back and forth between the two.
Things like USB ports that can be used across devices and hotkey options that make switching between computers quick and easy.One thing that I do want to mention though is that you WILL want to read the manual to take advantage of all this has to offer.
Obviously if you need this more than 5 foot or so in distance I would definitely get an extension cable.If you have a wireless keyboard mouse, you only need one set of the receiver or physical connection to the back of the KVM switch.
I've tried with Biostar TB250-BTC & BTC+ motherboards as well as ASUS B250 mining board and all have been working great.Aside from that, the price could be a hair lower at $129 or so and if they can sell the 8-port for $239 or so it would be so worth it.
I have owned this switch for over 8 years now and use it everyday for at least 10 hours a day.Recently I upgraded my Keyboard to a Logitech wave wireless keyboard and mouse.
What are haters saying?
I tried using the KVM switch on a different computer Windows 7 with a different add-in card I got the same result (port 1 -no video, keyboard, or mouse ports 2-4 video mouse movement sporadic, and no keyboard)so at this point in think, I just received a faulty unit.I request a replacement unit.
Plugged everything in the respective port and still no picture and the mouse moment was sporadic.I bought one of the older KVM switches that I purchased a few years ago, and everything seems to work okay.
Video mouse keyboard all works on the same computer.
I got this to replace my old IOGEAR 4-port DVI KVM.
The old one worked with 4K monitors.
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