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IMAK A10165 Wrist Cushion - Black (D132) (IMAA10165)


Ergonomic wrist support designed by an orthopedic & hand surgeon for maximum comfort

  IMAK A10165 Wrist Cushion - Black (D132) (IMAA10165)
  IMAK A10165 Wrist Cushion - Black (D132) (IMAA10165)
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Mouse Wrist Cushion
The current price is $4.20.
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What are fans saying?
I had an IMAK cushion that was a few years old and was in rough shape, so I finally bought a new one, this ones much smaller than the old one but its the perfect size, has nice support but also the fabric is comfortable and very elastic so it conforms to my wrist giving support without messing with my circulation.
The beads are comfy and molds to your wrist and is a good width (5") to have the wrist "sink in" and be supported.
It seems to function fine but read the fine-print and be sure you want the small size.
I love these little wrist supports as they are super comfortable for when I am working at the computer all day.
I bought this for i used my co workers that is just like it.
What are haters saying?
Too small and not comfortable.
I'm just going to toss it.
It's functional, but the zip tie used in packaging left a very ugly indentation from too much pressure.
I hope the depressions are not permanent.
Not the worst, not the best...but it'll do...the seems are stitched poorly and the weight isn't as good as they use to be...I had one before and the quality was much better...for now it gets the job done and helps my wrist/palm from laying on the hard desk.
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