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HyperX Kingston Technology Impact 8GB 2133MHz DDR4 CL13 SODIMM Laptop Memory HX421S13IB/8


Fast and powerful performance - tested for compatibility with DDR4 chipsets on leading motherboards.

  HyperX Kingston Technology Impact 8GB 2133MHz DDR4 CL13 SODIMM Laptop Memory HX421S13IB/8
Plug and Play - Installing HyperX Impact DDR4 is easy and hassle-free. It's plug and play and automatically overclocks to the highest frequency published, with no need to adjust BIOS settings.
Low DDR4 1.2 Voltage - draws less power and generates less heat for quiet computing and an extended battery life.
Guaranteed - lifetime warranty, free technical support
Make an Impact in your game with powerful HyperX Impact DDR4 SODIMM. It automatically overclocks to the highest frequency published, without the need to adjust system BIOS settings, to support platforms that use Intel's latest CPU technologies. You get instant top-level performance with lower voltage that helps your system run cooler, quieter, and more efficiently. HyperX Impact DDR4 has a slim form for easy installation in slim or ultra-slim notebooks and features a sleek black design with a matching black PCB that adds an aggressive look. Specs are 1G x 64-bit (8GB) DDR4-2133 CL13 SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM) 2Rx8, memory module, based on sixteen 512M x 8-bit DDR4 FBGA components. Each module supports Intel Extreme Memory Profiles (Intel XMP) 2.0. This module has been tested to run at DDR4-2133 at a low latency timing of 13-13-13 at 1.2V.
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What are fans saying?
Works in my 2017 27" iMac (it might not work if you mix it with the original Apple memory, though.
This way I would keep the original 8+8 and have 48 Gb Ram total which is more than enough for my needs.
I would guess if I had replaced the 8+8 with the 16+16 it would probably work but I didn't try that because it requires removing the back cover.
The product works well in that computer.
I've read about people having to go into the BIOS but for me, it just worked immediately and I confirmed that I had the appropriate amount of installed RAM in the System section.
What are haters saying?
Ran the ram test and short enough one of the ram was faulty.
Kingston Technology HyperX Impact 8GB Kit (2 x 4GB) 2133MHz DDR4 Laptop Memory HX421S13IBK2/8 Brought this to use with my Intel NUC and after a month and a half of usage, I am plagued crashes and multiple blue screen reboots stated errors with memory management among with other errors.
Took out one of the memory sticks and the problem went away.
It's now outside of the return window and I'm stuck with only 16gb ram... sucks.
Need to reseat it to see if it is a hardware issue.
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