Home Zone Security AEC-34QA2-AC16W Home Zone Motion Activated LED Security Light - 2500 Lumens


Super White output of 5000K and uses 36 watts and has a super bright 2500 Lumens light output

  Home Zone Security AEC-34QA2-AC16W Home Zone Motion Activated LED Security Light - 2500 Lumens
  Home Zone Security AEC-34QA2-AC16W Home Zone Motion Activated LED Security Light - 2500 Lumens
180 degree motion sensor with adjustable detection feature up to 15m/50ft.
Aluminum Contruction, Timer Control & Lux Sensor with 22-year long-life LED(6hr per night)
Dusk till Dawn features and Manual Override function which allows light to be always turned on
Outdoor Use Only - 5 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
The Home Zone Security LED motion light is the perfect solution for bright, energy efficient illumination for your home or business. Rest comfortably knowing that your motion light will turn on with the slightest detection of movement with 180 degree radius (adjustable). Save money and power with a motion light that turns on only when needed so you don't have to keep your exterior light on all night long. This motion light has a technologically advanced LED design to use less energy. Use outdoors anywhere light is needed, hard wire installation required. Made in China
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I love the brightness of light bulbs and the fixture but it doesn't work on sensitivity in regards two left and right the left side is more sensitive to pick up motion then the right is and also I can't seem to get it to go any further than 30 ft to pick someone up you have to walk between 20 and 30 ft path to set this off directly in front of lamp somebody can help me with this I appreciate it.
It was easy to install and is very bright.
I'll be mounting it in a spot that's totally exposed to the elements so I may as well slap as much of that on as I can and hope for the best.The good news is I got the fixture for free, so I don't really mind spending a bit more on these things to make it work in my situation, but it's still kind of annoying.One other thing, I'm planning to hook it up to a dimmer as a test - since I'm bypassing the sensor (which I'm sure can't handle a dimmer), I'll find out if the lights themselves can handle it.
As with other such devices, I've found after hard lessons that a dab of clear silicone around the base seal works wonders, FYI.Things I like:1) These suckers are bright, and I mean BRIGHT... they light up the whole yard quite nicely along with a side path towards the front of the house.2) The sensor is very maneuverable, easy to adjust, and has excellent side coverage.3) Lights are not inexpensive, el-cheepo LED's, but are akin to a quality CREE diode.4) Housing is metalThings I wish were different:No outdoor LED I've found so far is "warm white", aka 2700K.. most, these included, run "daylight" or 5000k; this is an issue in our neighborhood as "covenants and conditions" require what amounts to yellowish, incandescent lighting color temperature, however they have a short lifespan and 100w bulbs eat up energy.What to do?Solution:Cover the lens with Lee 1/4 Orange Color Correcting Film, held on with contact cement(https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000AQJ7C/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)I originally tried 1/2 Orange which is rated at 2700k, but thought it a bit too "orange" and not "incandescent".And the neighbors?
They are a very good light and great quality.
What are haters saying?
Stopped working after one month, would like a replacement.
The sensor was full of water after it rained and fixture stopped working with a month.
The LED light was OK but the motion sensor was very erratic and I couldn't use it.
We installed this light a few weeks after ordering it.One of the LEDs stopped working after only three months of use.This light is installed inside a barn, and not even exposed to weather.See photo... Only worked for 6 months then burned out.
One of the lights stopped working, when we removed it the the bad light was 1/2 full of water.
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