Highland 6549YW Self-Stick Notes, 3 x 3, Yellow, 100-Sheet (Pack of 12)


3 in x 3 in, Yellow

  Highland 6549YW Self-Stick Notes, 3 x 3, Yellow, 100-Sheet (Pack of 12)
Good for a short note
Use Yellow notes to create excitement for your ideas
12 Pads/Pack
Self stick removable notes are perfect for lists messages tabs. Quick note taking on the go--stick them anywhere. Pad Type: Pad Sheet Size (W x H): 3 in x 3 in Number of Sheets per Pad: 100 Assortment: N/A.Unit of Measure : Pack
The current price is $1.30.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.57.
The current sales rank is 5437.
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What are fans saying?
They stick as good as the Post-It brand and cost less!
Not a sticky as the original 3M product, but great for someone who uses lots of them.
These are really good quality.
These seem to be a decent value for the price.
I want to buy more but now I can't get it for the price i got it.
What are haters saying?
These are NOT Highland Notes.
They are an off-brand sticky note that do not work anywhere near as well as the Highland version and should not be priced as expensive as they are.
Office supplies.
I received this opened and scattered about in a box with other items.....but they still would have been usable except they fall off of everything.
Should've bought the post-its.
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