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HP Z3200 Wireless Mouse (Dusty Pink)


  HP Z3200 Wireless Mouse (Dusty Pink)
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HP Z3200 Wireless Mouse ‑ Dusty Pink
The current price is $21.95.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.31.
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What are fans saying?
Replaced one just like it, glad to have it and love the color of it.
Great feel in my palm, works well.
Love the color and the style easy to use and connected right away to computer.
The select clicker is on the right button istead of the left which is super confusing and it's pretty sensitive but overall nice product.
It’s quite good but for some reason I am not enjoying it as like my older hp mouse.
What are haters saying?
After 6 months of use it started to act like the batteries were dying.
I would switch out the batteries and it still wouldn't work properly.
I have only had it for three months and I am disappointed.
I do not recommend this to anyone.
The color and feel were nice and would have like to continue using had it functioned properly.Purchased a Logitech mouse once this stopped working and have not had any issues since.
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