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HP 45W USB Type-C AC Adapter


Hp 45w Usb Type-c Ac Adapter - 45 W Output Power - 120 V Ac Input Voltage - 5 V Dc, 12 V Dc, 15 V Dc Output Voltage - 5 A Output Current

  HP 45W USB Type-C AC Adapter
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HP 45W USB-C Power Adapter.
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Inaccurate picture - the longer cable from the wall to the block was not included.
The block itself has prongs.
Works well with the HP Elite x2 1012 G1.However, this charger doesn't fulfill the main promise of USB Type-C, which is broad compatibility with other laptops / tablets (as long as they don't require more than 45W of course).
Sadly, this model doesn't provide the 20V required by many Dell models for instance, whereas this voltage is officially part of the USB Power Delivery (PD) standard supposed to stop this proprietary charger non-sense.For this reason, I would strongly recommend to buy from another brand until HP starts offering an updated version which fix this glaring issue.
Inacurrate picture, extension cord was not included.
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