Goof Off FG672 Graffiti Remover, Aerosol 18-Ounce


The product is Goof Off, 16 oz, aerosol graffiti remover

  Goof Off FG672 Graffiti Remover, Aerosol 18-Ounce
Specially formulated to cut thru spray paint
The product is manufactured in United States
The quick, easy and proven way to remove offensive, ugly graffiti
Goof Off Graffiti Remover is specially formulated to cut through spray paint, ink, crayon without damaging the surface below
Goof Off FG672 Graffiti Remover, Aerosol 18-Ounce
The current price is $7.97.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.27.
The current sales rank is 10443.
  Fans vs. Haters
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What are fans saying?
There is still green in the grout and some we couldn't get off the brick but got about 90% off We are happy.
I used this to remove some spray paint on my car.
Goof Off FG672 Graffiti Remover took off the stains I had on my driveway that no other product I tried worked.
And in the process I noticed that it removed the oxidization of the paint on my driveway, so I did my entire driveway and it looks great.
What are haters saying?
Did not work on my exterior brick wall or the sidewalk which was the reason that I was trying to get pink spray paint off of that a former tenant left it only worked on the wood decking.
Didn't work.
Does not work for spray paint on concrete.
With a grill brush and this stuff the spray paint that had been on our patio for over a year was gone in 30 minutes!
Maybe it’s good for a car paint but not for the plastic materials someone sprayed paint my car I tried to use it and it was fine on the car paint but when I use it my plastic side car pillars they got damaged this product took the spray paint off but also some plastic black paint with it now I have to buy pillar posts for my car in chrome color to stick on it :-/.
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