Galaxy Note 3 Glass Screen Protector, Tech Armor Premium Ballistic Glass Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen Protectors [1]


Compatible Model(s): Galaxy Note 3 by Samsung [1 Pack]

  Galaxy Note 3 Glass Screen Protector, Tech Armor Premium Ballistic Glass Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen Protectors [1]
. WHAT IS TECH ARMOR BALLISTIC GLASS . Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protectors look and feel amazing. Experience your Galaxy Note 3 Amoled display the way it was intended. From scratches to high impact drops enjoy maximum protection.
. HOW DOES TECH ARMOR BALLISTIC GLASS WORK . Tech Armor Ballistic Glass is the affordable way to protect your Galaxy Note 3 screen from scratches and drops. Only premium materials and expert design go into this best in class product.
. WHY BUY TECH ARMOR BALLISTIC GLASS . Tech Armor is THE trusted online resource for screen protection. If you only accept the BEST to protect your Galaxy Note 3, look no further.
No Bubble, easy install, and perfect fit, backed by Tech Armor No Hassle Lifetime Replacements. (PLEASE CONTINUE READING BELOW)
. WHY SHOULD YOU BUY TECHARMOR BALLISTIC GLASS SCREEN PROTECTORS . MAXIMIZE YOUR RESALE VALUE . DID YOU KNOW a broken Galaxy Note 3 screen is expensive to replace. For a fraction of the price our Ballistic Glass Screen Protector will absorb almost any impact, sacrificing itself for your Galaxy Note 3 screen. Tech Armor Ballistic Glass pays for itself as the first line of defense from scratches and drops and serves as a low cost insurance policy for your screen. No detail has been overlooked with this Best In Class product from Tech Armor, industry leader in screen protection. If you only accept the BEST then look no further: BEST Protection from Drops. BEST Protection from Scratches. BEST Way to Maximize Resale Value. BEST No Bubble Installation. BEST HD Display Clarity. BEST Touchscreen Accuracy. BEST No Hassle Lifetime Replacement Program. COMPATIBILITY: Samsung Galaxy Note 3, All Carriers, All Models. The Ballistic Glass Screen Protector Kit Includes: One (1) Screen Protector (.3mm 9H Rating), Installation Instructions, Alcohol Cleaning Wipe, Microfiber Cloth, Dust Removal Tape, Retail Packaging, and The Tech Armor Limited Lifetime Replacements.
The current price is $7.95.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.52.
The current sales rank is 58058.
  Fans vs. Haters
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What are fans saying?
The phone was protected and with a new one, the phone is good as new.
Tech Armor's protector took the brunt of the force and for just the cost of a new glass screen protector, my phone was as good as new.
Thank goodness I cannot tell you how it does when dropped, as I have been lucky not to drop my phone.
Works great, protects the phone, this is the second one, I dropped it and broke it but phone was ok. Looks amazing my phone, easy to installGreat product.
I dropped it on the screen and the protector cracked slightly in the upper corner, but my phone screen was perfectly fine.
What are haters saying?
About 5 months ago I purchased this product (which contained two screen protectors) and was able to install with no issues.
The second one still in the originally box and stored in a drawer was cracked worse (than the one on my phone) in two places!
However, the screen protector cracked all the way across in 3 places after having my phone in my handbag twice.
The phone screen broke after a fall, despite having the screen protector on.
“READ” only reason why I’m giving it a 1 star cuz there’s more bad stuff then good the good thing is it’s super thick wich means shouldn’t break easily and I like the black border trim around the glass and also everything for the speaker and front camera are cut perfect the”DOWN SIDE “ it has a million micro dots that u can see and I have OCD it bothers me a lot cuz u can see them the BIGGEST “PROBLEM “ the adhesive I’m guessing is super cheap I’ve had it on for only a couple hours and it’s pelling off keep wonting to come out and yes I followed the instructions I whipped in down really good with the alchole pads I’ve and a bunch of these protesters never had this problem before I’m just curious why it keep coming off in the corner when ur screen turns off black u can see it pelling off then.
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