Baban Diamond Cutting Wheel, 10X 1/8" Dremel Cutting Wheel Diamond Saw Cut Off Discs Wheel Blades Rotary Tool Set Shank


✔ Higher Quality Material - Designed for Rotary Tools, Hot-pressed powder alloy forming, long service life, high hardness and resistance.Diamond Coated for Extra Strength and Long Life of Blades. Several Discs have Breathing Holes for Heat Reduction and removal of debris

  Baban Diamond Cutting Wheel, 10X 1/8
  Baban Diamond Cutting Wheel, 10X 1/8
✔ Good Features - All Include a 1/8" Mandrel. Disc thickness: .033" ; Size:16mm (1Piece)/ 19mm (2 Pieces)/ 20mm (1 Piece)/ 22mm (2 Pieces)/ 25mm (2 Pieces)/ 30mm (1 Piece)/ 40mm (1 Piece); Shank Diameter:3.0mm
✔ Widely Uses - Small kerf, sharpness, can be used to polish, cut the surface of the object. These cutting discs will fit most rotary tools. These cutting discs are perfect for all sorts of jobs like model making and the like. It can cut and polish glass, tiles, marble,plastic, jade, agate, crystal and other products
✔ Note - When installing the use of accessories, the need to put the lever in the end, or the machine speed is high, there may be thrown off or thrown off the slice, causing injury
✔ After-sale Service - 3 months warranty and friendly customer service, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question
  Baban Diamond Cutting Wheel, 10X 1/8
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  Baban Diamond Cutting Wheel, 10X 1/8
  Baban Diamond Cutting Wheel, 10X 1/8
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What are fans saying?
These work really well I do a lot of nail trimming and I also do a lot of artwork so they came in very handy I think I will try some jewelry stuff to see how it works out for me.
I needed a small set of diamond blades to use with my Dremel tool and these work great.
These diamond coated cutting wheels seemed like a bargain for the price, and they are except that the diamond coating isn't very durable and can wear off quickly.
I didn't think of that at the time I ordered them and was mildly surprised to see how much wear the wheels showed after only one use as follows:The largest wheel (shown in 2nd photo) was used to make a cut in stone and seemed to hold up pretty well, considering.
It cut through the plastic plate fine and shows some wearing down of the diamond coating so I can see that if I need to cut anything else with the same wheel, it may not last through the project.All in all, for the price they're a great set of cutting wheels.
What are haters saying?
Unfortunately one of the cutting wheels was missing the screw to hold it to the rod, not worth returning just for that.
I ordered 2 kits so not too bad.
First, most aren't flat or balanced to be use with a dremel.
Not what I expected.
Cheap and not very sharp.
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