Dfunlife Silicone Colour Comfort Wrist Rest Mouse Pad (Hot Pink)


With silicone pad, reduce wrist stress and tiredness

  Dfunlife Silicone Colour Comfort Wrist Rest Mouse Pad (Hot Pink)
Smooth and soft surface, keep the mouse moving nimbly
Non-slip backing, keep the mouse pad from sliding
Suitable for almost all mouses
Perfect for optical or trackball mouse
Dfunlife Silicone Colour Comfort Wrist Rest Mouse Pad (Hot Pink)
The current price is $1.99.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Moderate with a score of +0.10.
The current sales rank is 0.
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What are fans saying?
If you expect a perfect mouse pad, don't get this one.
It is a big smaller than I thought which is actually perfect because I have very small hands, I was worried that it would be really big but it's just right, I'm very happy with it and would shop again for sure.
I bought this for my daughter and she is very happy with it.
Very nice mouse pad and I really love the color.
Got it for home office work great very comfortable for my wrist .
What are haters saying?
I washed it with dish soap, let it air out outside for 4 days, sprayed with lysol and still it stank so bad we had to seal it in to 2 plastic bags and put it in the outside trash!
THE SMELL IS SO LOUD AND A COLOR STATED THAT IT SMELLED LIKE CAT PEE... My daughter was excited to put decor for her desk But....... when this came for her computer it smelled bad soooooooo bad that it spread all over her room and we tried to wash the smell of the mouse pad we tried to wash it we thought it would work but it didn't so we threw it away but I really don't recommend to buy it in my opinion by the way this is my first ever complain from something in Amazon.
I have it for my office so it gets aggressive use but i have only had it for three months and the pink color is already faded and the cushion has a dip in it.
My daughter has asthma and after using it for about an hour, I had to throw it in the trash can because it smelled so bad.
It is a great mousepad but the smell of it is awful.
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