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Dell Chromebook 3120 XDGJH - CRM3120-333BLK (11.6", Intel Celeron N2840 2.16GHz, 4GB RAM, 16GB SSD, Chromebook OS)


Intel Celeron N2840 (1MB Cache, 2.16GHz up to 2.58GHz)

  Dell Chromebook 3120 XDGJH - CRM3120-333BLK (11.6
  Dell Chromebook 3120 XDGJH - CRM3120-333BLK (11.6
Intel HD Graphics, 4GB DDR3L SDRAM, 16GB eMMC Storage
11.6-inch LCD Display (1366x768) 720p HD Webcam
Bluetooth 4.0, Dual-Band 802.11 AC wireless 3-Cell Battery up to 10 Hours, Chrome OS
  Dell Chromebook 3120 XDGJH - CRM3120-333BLK (11.6
Manage daily tasks and be productive with an affordable laptop that's easy to use, secure and features up to a 10-hour battery. Boots up in under 10 seconds for quick, easy cloud access, where students and teachers can connect to learning resources. And the Chromebook doesn't slow down over time, so you're always ready to learn.
The current price is $182.99.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.27.
The current sales rank is 5293.
  Dell Chromebook 3120 XDGJH - CRM3120-333BLK (11.6
  Dell Chromebook 3120 XDGJH - CRM3120-333BLK (11.6
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What are fans saying?
For years, I have used windows, and I love the quality of this Chromebook.
I wasn't expecting it to work so well, but it did.
Performance of the product is very good, very fast, I have been using it and would recommend it to more friends around.
So with these limitations of the Google Chrome OS interface you would get a better user experience with a larger 13 inch Chromebook display.But the 11 inch display Chromebook is very light and extremely portable as a utility laptop -- and you can bounce back and forth with some font size (text size) settings and zoom options to somewhat offset this limitation depending on the context of what webpage or app you are working with at the moment.
But it was limited in what it could handle.
What are haters saying?
It's 2017.
The advertised laptop here is a Dell Chromebook 11 3120, the actual product I was sent is a Dell Chromebook 11 3180, a less powerful chromebook.
The difference between processors is fairly large, (1.6Ghz on the 3180 vs 2.1Ghz on the 3120) in addition to being based on different platforms, Braswell(3180) and Bay Trail(3120).Also if you look at the pictures you can see the differences in the casing on the laptop at the hinges and the slight slope in front of the trackpad only present on the 3180 series.When trying to load new OS's onto this machine the difference is large, and makes an impact.
Everyone makes mistakes, so I printed off the label and drove to the UPS drop-off and ordered the 3120 again.And then I got another 3181.
I called to try to return it and get a replacement and was told that I needed to try to troubleshoot the problem first.
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