Daisy Outdoor Products 2400 ct BB Bottle (Silver, 4.5 mm)


Zinc-plated steel BBs

  Daisy Outdoor Products 2400 ct BB Bottle (Silver, 4.5 mm)
2400 count of BBs
Flip top with one large and one small opening
PrecisionMax premium .177 cal. BB
2400 count in handy plastic bottle
Plastic bottle of 2400 zinc-plated steel BBs. Flip top has one large and one small opening. Great for everyone.
The current price is $4.97.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Very Good with a score of +0.60.
The current sales rank is 3882.
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What are fans saying?
BB's worked great in my Daisy Powerline 35.
Great for the price.
Great bbs.
My son used theses for practice shootings targets great quality came on time very happy great product.
Good Bbs .
What are haters saying?
Left with thousands of BBs in my carpet and ruined my new vacuum.
My package was damage.
I had bought one of these when i first got my bb gun and it wored perfectly, so i ordered 2 more, and these 2 new ones were of very poor quality.
Didn't fit my bb gun,.
First order was lost.
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