Daisy Outdoor Products .177 Cal. Flathead Pellets (500) (Silver Color, 4.5 mm)


The product is 500CT .177 Belt Pellet

  Daisy Outdoor Products .177 Cal. Flathead Pellets (500) (Silver Color, 4.5 mm)
Easy to use
The product is manufactured in United States
PrecisionMax premium .177 cal. Flat-nosed design pellet
500 count per belt clip flip open pellet box
The product is 500CT .177 Belt Pellet. Easy to use.
The current price is $3.99.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.47.
The current sales rank is 26400.
  Fans vs. Haters
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What are fans saying?
These are great pellets and a fantastic deal when sold at the $2.99 add-on price.
These are good running through Crossman rifles and pistol but there are a large number out of the box that are deformed and won't fit into the rotary speedloaders or "fire" properly out of the speedloaders.
At 5-10 meters these pellets are excellent in my Daisy air rifles!
It is everything as advertised!
What are haters saying?
I shoot a lot, and these pellets are not worth the box they came in.
It is smaller than it looksabout ''5 ''4.
I have been using Daisy flat-nosed .177 pellets for several years, formerly purchased in a round tin and made in China.
They were no longer available locally so I ordered this package online, shown as being made in the USA.
The attached picture shows them after being transferred from their rectangular container into an empty round container.
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