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DTOL 3.5mm Stereo Plug to Dual RCA Jack Adapter


3.5mm to RCA Splitter

  DTOL 3.5mm Stereo Plug to Dual RCA Jack Adapter
Color: Black
3.5mm stereo jack (Male) to 2 RCA jack (female) Splitter Adaptor
Use This audio Splitter to attach RCA phono cables to Audio devices with a 3.5mm stereo Audio port
Use this audio splitter to attach RCA phono cables to audio devices with a 3.5mm stereo audio port
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What are fans saying?
This did the trick, I bought a new 32" Smart TV, but it did not have RCA connectors for my old wireless headphones like my previous TV did, so I took a chance and order this to see if I plugged my headphones with this adaptor if it would work and it did not super loud but it gets the job done, however it did work perfect on my Desktop PC.
Don't like reviewing things without testing them first but I don't have what I was gong to use this for anymore so can't tell you if it works or not but it looks like the picture and I am sure it will be fine.
Works great.
Bought a vizio tv model d24hn-e1 and got 3.5mm to 2 rca to convert the 3.5mm phones jack on the back of my tv to the 2 audio sides red and white or left and right.
Except it takes a couple days, instead of a trip to the mall, to get what I need.
What are haters saying?
Male pin is smaller diameter than standard plugs.
Wiggles in socket and won't stay connected.
Poorly made, typical made in China stuff.
It was the wrong part.....
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