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Corsair SSD Mounting Bracket Kit 2.5" to 3.5" drive bay(CSSD-BRKT1)


Support 2.5"-3.5" drive bays

  Corsair SSD Mounting Bracket Kit 2.5
Compatible with all Corsair SSDs
Bays: 1 x internal - 2.5"
Corsair SSD Mounting Bracket is designed to allow any Corsair solid-state drive to be mounted in available 3.5" hard-drive bay of desktop computer's chassis.
Customer Service / Tech support: 1-888-222-4346 opt. 1
The current price is $2.09.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.52.
The current sales rank is 92.
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What are fans saying?
It fit the SSD drive.
It works fine, the SSD is secure in my tower, but it was a bit of a pain to get the drive into the bracket.That's about it.
It was easy to install and works perfectly in my case.
Excellent for Samsung Evo SSD to use in iMac Mid 2011. love this bracket it works great in my desktop pc and fits well with my ssd drive!
Not much to say about a hard drive bracket but I love the fact that it can hold two hard drives and since I'm using solid state drives I don't have to worry about keep getting to close from each other and causing any issues because ssds don't put out any eat at all because there's no moving parts so I have a 500gb and a one terabyte in this dual caddy in my mid tower and couldn't be happier, I also love that it's a side mount because my particular case has the exact tray style that just needs to mount them sideways so you can plug the cables in very easily even after everything is screwed in tight.
What are haters saying?
For me, and I suspect for most people, it's bad.Potential good: It's very slim and not at all complicated.Actual bad: the 2.5 inch drive can only be attached by the bottom mounting holes, and mounting it as a 3.5 drive can only be done with the equivalent of 4 specific side mounting holes on a 3.5 inch drive.
Fortunately I had screws from my old hard drive to mount the bracket to the computer mounting bracket or this would be in the trash.
I gave it a 2 star,not because of the product, but I was told I needed it to install the SSD in the Laptop I bought.
The single drive bracket is only about 2/3 as long as it needs to be, and this doesn't have the screw holes necessary to attach it to a standard 3.5" drive bay.
Well, the rails are made to fit into the two outer-most screw holes on a hard drive, and this mount does not have those, it only has the two that line up with the back of the drive.
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